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Exclusive: We asked a body language expert whether MAFS’ Tori is about to run

"Someone really committed to a relationship would do that"

The Sunday, February 25 Commitment Ceremony may have been full of bombshells but an exchange between Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley after everyone had left, made us wonder whether the tides were turning.

To get a clearer view of the situation, we asked Scott Taylor, a “deception decoder” and body language expert who trained with the former head of the FBI Behavioural Unit and others, to weigh in on what he thought Tori was feeling at the time.

“I believe that Tori is In a difficult situation now as it is obvious she is aware of elements of Jack’s behaviour and is stuck between what she should rightfully say (based on her self-perception and earlier statements on her personality style) and balancing what she needs to do to stay on the show,” he revealed to Chattr.

Tori and Jack, MAFS. Nine

“Her facial expressions and body language (including positioning) showed more distance from Jack, however; aligned with even earlier grins (when there are questions surrounding Jack’s character) she isn’t drilling down to resolve issues.”

Adding to this, Scott believed that this was the behaviour of “someone really committed to a relationship” and that “she was responding with as minimal assertiveness as possible to just try to maintain more air time.”


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What will Tori do next on MAFS?

While most of the other couples have consummated their marriages, Jack and Tori on the other hand have not and Scott believes that Jack may “provide sex to continue to control her behaviour”, while she will try to deflect as much focus on it as possible.”

As for his prediction on what Tori will do?

“Near the end of the season, I expect she will suddenly want to appear stronger and will call Jack out more to manage public perception.”


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