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Have two MORE unmatched MAFS participants found love together?!

How did the experts not match this couple?!

**WARNING: This article contains potential spoilers for MAFS 2024.**

If you’ve been keeping up with the MAFS 2024 drama, then you’ll probably already know that Ellie Dix and Jonathan McCullough have consciously recoupled.

However, signs suggest that another couple has taken it upon themselves to match up, despite not being put together by the relationship experts.

Natalie Parham and Ash Galanti – who were paired with Collins Christian and Madeleine Jevic respectively – have been snapped together, and rumour has it that there may be some romance in the air.

Instagram account MAFSGossip posted a few photos of the two posing for a photo at a Melbourne fashion show, incl one where she’s sitting on his lap (!!!).

On top of that, MAFS.Bachie.Reality shared a TikTok video of the pair at the event.

@mafs.bachie.reality I think they are downloading 😂 #mafs #mafsaustralia #marriedatfirstsightaustrailia #mafsau #mafsuk #marriedatfirstsight #mafsau ♬ original sound – mafs.bachie.reality

Plus, an insider told Daily Mail Australia that Nat’s got a huge crush on the pest control salesman.

“Nat has really taken a liking to Ash after meeting him at the reunion,’ a source told the publication.

“They immediately hit it off. Nat has since told friends and her co-stars that she wishes that was matched with someone like Ash.”

What happened to Ash’s MAFS marriage?

Ash was paired with Madeliene in the experiment, and their marriage was one of the shortest that the show has ever since.

At their first commitment ceremony, which aired a week after their wedding, Madeliene wrote ‘Leave’ and Ash wrote ‘Stay’. However, as per the show’s rules, the pair stuck around for another week.

That all changed the following morning, when Ash packed his bags and a voiceover informed viewers that Ash had “had a change of heart and they’d come to an amicable decision to leave”.

However, insiders dished that Madeleine simply refused to stay.

What happened to Natalie’s MAFS marriage?

Natalie and Collins’ relationship was the first of the season to go down in flames.

Collins was standoffish with his wife on the honeymoon, and despite her honest intentions of looking for love, Collins’ follow-up actions came off as less than convincing. The relationship between the pair drew criticisms from fans, with many believing that he was simply on the show for clout.

After the first commitment ceremony, Natalie packed up her bags and decided to leave.

Like her new (possible!) boo’s relationship, reports say that the decision wasn’t amicable, but Collins was actually removed from the show.

Collins and Natalie on MAFS

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