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MAFS 2024: Ummm… Apparently, Collins was removed from the experiment?!

Find out why!

Controversial cast mate Collins Christian left the MAFS 2024 experiment for the second – and presumably last – time on Monday night’s episode.

While the exit appeared to come about because his ‘wife’ Natalie Parham wanted to leave, reports suggest he was actually removed from the show.

On Sunday night’s episode, Natalie wrote ‘leave’ at the Commitment Ceremony and Collins wrote ‘stay’. As per the rules of the experiment, if one person in the relationship writes ‘stay’, then both parties must stay to work on the relationship for one more week. However, Natalie and Collins packed up and left the following night.

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A source told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia that a MAFS insider said Collins was made to leave by production.

“The rules and premise of the show are irrelevant if they compromise a participant’s wellbeing or mental health, and ESA [producers Endemol Shine Australia] take their duty of care seriously,” the insider said.

“Natalie had already tried to quit at the first dinner party, but was talked into remaining until the first commitment ceremony to ‘see their storyline through’. When it then became apparent she would have to stay another week, bosses stepped in and removed her and Collins from the show as soon as they could wrap it up on camera,” they continued.

“The experiment is an emotional rollercoaster as it is, but factor in Natalie’s vulnerability from her lack of relationship experience prior to filming and the grief she was experiencing following her father’s very recent death and she was in no state to continue production.”

Chattr has reached out to Nine for comment.

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What happened at the Commitment Ceremony?

During Natalie and Collin’s time on the couch with the experts, the groom stressed that he wanted to remain in the experiment with his bride.

However, when John Aiken asked Collins what he’d done to show his passion for making things work with Natalie, he struggled to answer the question.

Natalie ended up in tears as Collins got stuck into a fight with John over the groom’s treatment of his wife.

Then, on Monday’s episode, Natalie told Collins that she believed everything he says is an act, and told him that she wanted to exit the experiment, which they did.

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