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Collins deserves a Razzie, and all the other bombshells from the MAFS Commitment Ceremony

Did that really just happen!?

MAFS 2024 has already been packed full of drama and the very first Commitment Ceremony of the season certainly kept up the trend.

There were fights with the experts, tear-inducing moments and confessions of intimacy (as the experts John Aiken, Alessandra Rampolla and Mel Schilling like to call it).

So, let’s dive straight into the biggest bombshells of the night, shall we?

MAFS. Nine.

Cassandra and Tristan

In a heartbreaking moment, Tristan told Alessandra, John and Mel: “I hate myself”.

“I’m aware of it that I don’t like myself, and I don’t know how to change it,” he explained.

Tristan said he doesn’t like the way he looks, the way he sounds and or “lack of achievement”.

Alessandra asked him to tell her the things he loves about himself, and he couldn’t answer, but Cassandra said she likes that he’s thoughtful, patient, kinda, generous, absolutely hilarious and has a beautiful energy. Aww!

MAFS. Nine.

Cassandra wrote: Stay

Timothy wrote: Stay

Verdict: They’re staying.

Lucinda and Timothy

The biggest bombshell between Lucinda and Timothy didn’t come during their time on the couch, instead, it came when Jack and Tori were talking to the experts.

After Tori admitted that she and Jack hadn’t slept together yet, her partner said it was a “slow burn” however, Timothy called that “bulls**t”.

Richard then jumped in and said that at the Buck’s Night Jack said he wouldn’t sleep with his bride on the first night, while Timothy said he would. Of course, Timothy and Lucinda haven’t been intimate yet, and the revelation had her looking like this:

MAFS. Nine.

Lucinda wrote: Stay.

Timothy wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Jack and Tori

As Lauren eloquently put it, “here we go”. Naturally, Jack was asked about his ex-girlfriend who went to the press and said he lied about going overseas and dumped her to go on MAFS.

John asked Jack how long ago he broke up with her, to which he responded “Seven to eight weeks”, before adding: “Or eight or nine”.

Daddy John made Jack confess that he was doing assessments with the experts while he was seeing his ex. The look on his face was truly satisfying. If looks could kill…

MAFS. Nine.

Tori wrote: Stay.

Jack wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Sara and Tim

Sara and Tim were given a Confessions Week challenge to go through each other’s phones earlier in the week, and Sara flat-out refused.

When Sara was asked about it by Alessandra at the Commitment Ceremony, she launched into defensive mode and Tim admitted that Sara intimidates him.

MAFS. Nine.

Sara wrote: Stay.

Tim wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Ellie and Ben

Ellie and Ben’s time on the couch was a bit of a snoozefest, and of course, she didn’t mention anything about the THING everyone wants to know (warning: spoiler alert!).

MAFS. Nine.

Ellie wrote: Stay.

Ben wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Lauren and Jonathan

In her typical style, chatterbox Lauren confirmed that she and Jonathan have had sex “the second the doors closed and the producers left”. Alessandra was overjoyed! Yay!

MAFS. Nine.

Lauren wrote: Stay.

Jonathan wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Eden and Jayden

Eden and Jayden sat down with the experts to talk about Jayden’s absolutely wild confession about sleeping with his cheating ex’s best friend in a revenge act. While his girlfriend watched.

It was awkies to say the least, although Timothy managed to have a good chuckle about it.

Jayden and Eden  at the MAFS Commitment Ceremony
MAFS. Nine.

Eden wrote: Stay.

Jayden wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Natalie and Collins

MAFS producers really saved the best (?) for second last with Natalie and Collins‘ couch sesh. Collins got into a heated argument with John and demanded that the relationship give him some advice.

After Natalie wrote leave, Collins launched into a Razzie Award-worthy performance of being devastated. Fortunately, for those who love drama, Collins decided to write stay and we’ll be seeing more of Collins and Natalie this week!

Collins at the MAFS Commitment Ceremony
MAFS. Nine.

Natalie wrote: Leave.

Collins wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Richard and Andrea

Richard and Andrea also confirmed that they’ve been intimate “two to four days a day, every day”. Which is v cute… or gross, depending on how you view people over 60 having sex.

Andrea and Richard at the MAFS Commitment Ceremony
MAFS. Nine.

Richard wrote: Stay.

Andrea wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

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