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Interview: The MAFS producers wished Jayden hadn’t made that “gross” admission about his ex-girlfriend

"I wish you hadn’t told that story"

It’s Confessions Week and Married at First Sight 2024’s Jayden Eynaud just made a “gross” admission about his ex-girlfriend that even the producers wished he hadn’t!

In case you didn’t see it, Jayden was tasked with writing his new wife Eden Harper a letter, basically confessing his sins. And when we tell you it was one for the history books, it really and truly was!

“My ex-girlfriend cheated on me,” he began. “She was going on dinner dates, movie dates. And I even had guys openly admit to me in person that they had slept with her.”

Jayden and Eden, Married at First Sight. Nine

The kickboxer then admitted that he was “willing to give her another chance” but had a caveat.

“I’m going to sleep with one of her best friends while she watches. One of her friends agreed to do it.”

When asked by Eden if he “regretted it”, Jayden stood by his actions.

“I don’t regret it,” he said.


The MAFS Producers wished Jayden hadn’t said that

Speaking to Chattr before the January 29 series premiere, Nine’s MAFS executive producer John Walsh admitted this was a plot twist they didn’t foresee.

“They [the stories] go in different directions we never anticipate,” before referring to Jayden’s admission.

“We have a hero kind of character this year where he revealed a story during Confessions Week.

“And we went, ‘Mate. I wish you hadn’t told that story.’ Because it suddenly derails momentarily or otherwise, his story arc.”

MAFS 2024's Eden and Jayden at the Altar
Jayden and Eden at their wedding. Nine

According to Walsh, he is a “complex character”.

“You see him one way for the first few weeks and then he says something else and you go, ‘Wow’ and it makes you stop and think. But that’s the show and you’ve got to follow that right through.”

During the same interview, Endemol Shine Australia executive producer Mollie Harwood said of the storyline: “You’ve got to trust the process and react. You’re like, ‘I wish that didn’t happen but we’ll go there!’”

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