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John Aiken savagely calls out Collins after the MAFS Commitment Ceremony showdown

"I saw through what was going on"

MAFS relationship expert John Aiken has spoken out about his savage showdown with Collins Christian at the Commitment Ceremony.

During Collins and Natalie Parham’s time on the couch, the groom stressed that he wanted to remain in the experiment with his bride. However, when John asked Collins what he’d done to show that he’s passionate about making things work with Natalie, he struggled to answer the question.

The response led John to call him out and resulted in one of the fieriest MAFS Commitment Ceremony segments ever.

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What did John say about the confrontation with Collins?

Reflecting on the interaction with Collins, John said he wasn’t buying the story that Collins was selling about being into Natalie.

“When I put it to him, what had he done over the time with Nat to build a connection – he simply had no words, and couldn’t answer it. He was exposed,” he told Nine Entertainment.

“I’ve been working with couples and singles for 30 years. I’ve seen all sorts of different situations, and so nothing throws me. I won’t take anything personally.”

John explained that he was simply trying to make Collins see his perspective on the relationship, and felt that he needed to be called out on his actions.

“What I am going to do is look for patterns, and hold a mirror up and shine a spotlight on the things I think they need to look at and give feedback on how to do better.”

“Ultimately, Collins was saying, ‘I can’t believe she wants to leave’ but at the same time he said he’d done nothing during the experiment to bring her close and make a connection.

“For me, I saw through what was going on. It’s my role to call out behaviour.”

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John also addressed Jack’s bombshell

During the Commitment Ceremony, John made Jack admit that he was seeing someone while he was auditioning for MAFS 2024.

Reflecting on the revelation, John said it was very “disappointing”.

“It’s very disappointing to us as experts, as there are so many people that want to come onto this experiment,” John said. “When we match people, they want them to be invested in finding love and for the duration to really have that focus.

“It muddies the water, [and] it means their focus isn’t entirely on their match. That can be a big obstacle and we’ve seen in past seasons it’s actually blown up couples.”

Tori and Jack on MAFS
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