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Jack Dunkley’s ex-girlfriend fires back at him and drops receipts after the MAFS Commitment Ceremony

"Does he look at Tori this way?"

Jack Dunkley’s ex Courtney Jade has shared more receipts of their time together, and taken aim at his onscreen wife Tori Adams, following the MAFS Commitment Ceremony episode.

In posts shared by MAFS Uncensored, Courtney took to her Instagram account straight after the show saying she was going to put her “armour on and fight a battle”.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Jack drama on MAFS, here’s a little refresher. In August, Courtney saw leaked photos of Jack at his MAFS wedding and told The Wash that the groom had dumped her the previous month, saying that he was going to America for work.

Some of the other Married At First Sight participants saw the article online at the time and brought the issue up at the first dinner party. Jack admitted that he was seeing Courtney before the show, but made the relationship sound very casual, and basically passed it off as a friends-with-benefits type arrangement. You can find more details here.

Instagram. The Wash.

Fast forward to now, and Courtney is furious about how Jack allegedly downplays their past relationship and is firing back at him on Instagram.

What did Courtney say after the Commitment Ceremony?

Courtney shared four Instagram stories on Sunday night, following a segment with the experts where Jack talked about his relationship with her again.

Despite having never met Tori, Courtney took aim at her in one of the posts. At the Commitment Ceremony, it was revealed that Tori and Jack haven’t slept together yet, and he’s repeatedly revealed to the cameras that he’s not sexually attracted to his bride.

Courtney shared a photo of herself sitting on a bed with Jack’s arms wrapped around her and included a poll which read: “Does he look at Tori this way?”.

Instagram. MAFSUncensored.

In a second slide, Courtney said she has “every right to defend her character”.

Jack Dunley's ex girlfriend shared this post
Instagram. MAFSUncensored.

In a third, she shared a photo of her and Jack’s Converse shoelaces tied together and bizarrely called out last year’s contestant Harrison Boon.

Jack Dunley's ex girlfriend shared this post
Instagram. MAFSUncensored.

In a fourth story, Courtney threatened to continue calling out Jack and airing his dirty laundry online.

Jack Dunley's ex girlfriend shared this post
Instagram. MAFSUncensored.

Well, there you have it. Stay tuned, folks!

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