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From Fiji to Port Stephens, here’s how much a stay at every MAFS 2024 honeymoon hotel costs

Well, one couple looks like they're producer's favourites!

As a viewer, it’s plain to see that some of the Married At First Sight couples get a little, well, shafted when it comes to their honeymoons, and MAFS 2024 was no exception.

While some of the happy (?) new couples got to play in an island paradise, others were told to pack their suitcases for a short drive down the road.

For example, MAFS darlings Eden and Jayden didn’t even leave their home state of Queensland and headed to Airlie Beach, while Sydney siders Tim and Sara boarded an international island to tropical Fiji.

Tori and Jack went to Vanuatu. MAFS. Nine.

There’s a theory floating around that the MAFS couples who’ll become Main Characters and bring the most drama to the show, get favoured by producers and sent to the best locations.

So, with Sara and Tim’s five-star Fijian resort topping the list as the most expensive stay, it could mean that the couple is going to have a rollercoaster of a time on the show.

To delve into this theory a little more, we’ve popped together a list of exactly how much rooms at the honeymoon hotels go for.

MAFS usually begins filming around July, so we’ve based the rates on that. Each price is in Australian dollars and ranges from the cheapest room to the most expensive room for a one-night stay.

Without further ado, here’s how much each of the MAFS 2024 honeymoon hotels cost!

Lucinda and Timothy

Hotel: Bannisters, Port Stephens, QLD.

Price: Between $265 and $569 per night.

Natalie and Collins

Hotel: Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat, Broome, WA.

Price: Between $398 and $551 per night.

Eden and Jayden

Hotel: Club Wyndham, Airlie Beach, QLD.

Price: Between $364 and $1000 per night.

Tori and Jack

Hotel: Tamanu on the beach, Vanuatu,.

Price: Between $409 – $781 per night.

Cassandra and Tristian

Hotel: Beresford Estate, McLaren Vale, SA.

Price: Between $445 and $1000 per night.

Tim and Sara

Hotel: Nanuku, Fiji.

Price: Between $680 and $1900 per night.

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