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MAFS 2024: Timothy annihilates Tori and Jack in a scathing interview

"You little gnome"

MAFSTimothy Smith didn’t hold back when he was asked about his thoughts on controversial couple Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley.

Timothy has repeatedly bumped heads with the pair, particularly at the Commitment Ceremonies where he’s questioned their attraction because they haven’t been sexually intimate.

At the first Dinner Party, it was revealed that Jack had a girlfriend when he applied for the show, and Timothy told Daily Mail Australia the revelation was very telling.

“I don’t believe a word (he says), when he came out and did this big speech in Dinner Party 1 on how this ex-girlfriend was crazy and everything. I’m not buying it, Jack,” he said.

“If he questions my integrity, you’re damn straight I’m questioning your integrity, you little gnome,” he added.

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What did Timothy have to say about Tori?

Tori has presented herself as being a strong woman on MAFS, however, for the most part, she’s stuck by her husband and hasn’t called him out on his dismal treatment of her.

Timothy pointed out that Tori’s claims don’t necessarily match her actions.

“I did happen to notice Tori boosting up on how big she’s a boss, bad b*tch. And I gotta say her mouth is writing checks her attitude just can’t cash,” he told the publication.

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What does Jack have to say about Timothy?

Jack made it clear that he didn’t agree with Timothy’s comments about his and Tori’s lack of chemistry.

“I think you guys can work out that Timothy’s not a very credible person himself,” the MAFS groom said in an interview on Bronte & Lakey for Breakfast.

“I’ve entered into relationships on lust and sex before and obviously they’ve failed me so, me and Tori took our time building an intimate space and trusting and respecting each other and feeling comfortable.”

Married at First Sight 2024 premieres at 7:30pm on January 29th on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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