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Dessert Masters 2023 Recap Episode 5: Dreams put on ice as one chef is sent home

Frozen elements spell disaster

It’s episode five of Dessert Masters 2023 and one incredible pastry chef was sent home after the season’s only Mystery Box challenge.

Usually, a mystery box offers freedom to experiment, but today’s challenge resulted in the competition’s second elimination.

The contestants were faced with something the series had never seen, an ice box with beetroot, red chilli, rosella and berry liqueur frozen inside.

Each chef had two hours to create a dessert that featured their chosen ingredient as a frozen element of the dish. 

Dessert Master’s Ice Box Challenge. Ten

Anna Polyviou, Reynold Poernomo and Andy Bowdy were safe from elimination after winning immunity in the relay challenge, leaving Kirsten Tibballs, Kay-Lene Tan, Jess Liementara, Gareth Whitton, Adriano Zumbo and Morgan Hipworth to battle the cold.

Here’s everything that happened!

The Creations

Kay-Lene Tan

Kay-Lene gave it her all during the challenge.

She took a significant gamble, boldly opting to incorporate three mystery box ingredients, including the fiery chilli as recommended by Amaury.

The resulting dish intrigued Mel with its harmonious flavours and Amaury said it was fresh, clean and very well-balanced.

Kay-Lene’s dessert. Ten

Adriano Zumbo

Adriano crafted a flavour profile consisting of beetroot, raspberry, and… popcorn, drawing inspiration from the concept of movies for his dish.

Despite appearing composed during his cook, Amaury expressed doubts about the clarity of his vision.

Although visually appealing, Adriano’s dish failed to meet the judges’ standards in terms of taste. While it was praised for its ambitious concept, the flavours did not deliver.

Adriano’s dish. Ten

Gareth Whitton

Gareth opted for beetroot as his key ingredient and created a daring and harmonious ice cream. Despite juggling multiple elements and concerns about whether he’d be able to present a complete dish; his determination culminated in a dessert that captivated the judges.

During the critique, Amaury praised the dish’s captivating colour and exquisite presentation, while Mel acknowledged its undeniable sophistication. The fusion of the earthy ice cream with the complementary elements flawlessly showcased the beetroot, impressing both judges.

Gareth’s dessert. Ten

Morgan Hipworth

Undeterred by the challenge — even frozen wasn’t his strength — Morgan opted to present a unique twist on a Peach Melba by infusing it with a berry liqueur sorbet.

Although the judges raised concerns about the adherence to the criteria due to having only one frozen element, Morgan believed in the boldness of his creation.

Unfortunately, his confidence waned when the sorbet failed to set as anticipated.

Upon judging, the sorbet’s texture fell short of his expectations, and the overpowering essence of the berry liquor failed to harmonize with the delicate peach flavour.

Morgan’s dessert. Ten

The other cooks

Kirsten Tibballs

Jess Liemantara

Jess’ dessert. Ten

The Result

Dessert of the day went to Kay-Lene while Morgan’s un-set sorbet sent him home.

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