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Dessert Masters Recap Episode 1: The premiere serves up some seriously impressive desserts

Their dishes are works of art

It’s episode one of Dessert Masters 2023 and we’re about to find out exactly what this show is all about.

At the beginning of the premiere, we’re shown a montage of incredible treats that the contestants have made throughout the season.

Next, we’re introduced to the contestants one by one, and each is equally impressible as the last. Some of the most recognisable names include Kay-Lene Tan, Adriano Zumbo and Anna Polyviou.

The cook

The skilled contestants are tasked with simply cooking the best dessert they can in three hours. The dish that judges Anna Polyviou and Melissa Leong deem the best, wins an Immunity Pin. Like Masterchef, this can be used to escape an elimination round at any time all the way up to the semi-finals.

Andy Bowdy chooses a peculiar dish, and says in the interview that he’s taken his fiance’s favourite salad and is (somehow) turning it into a roasted fennel cake dessert.

Dessert Masters. Ten.

At one point, Amoury told Reynold Poernomo that he “has some explaining to do” after he sprayed the judge’s shirt with chocolate.

“I’m known as one of the cleanest pastry chefs that exist, this is not right,” he continued.

However, it was all in jest and Amoury explained to Reynold that he was joking before heading to the next bench.

Dessert Masters. Ten.

The judging

Reynold Poernomo dish was called monochrome, the judges were very impressed with his presentation, and Melissa called it “perfection”. They were as equally impressed with the taste.

Dessert Masters. Ten.

Kirsten Tibballs presented another impressive dish with ‘Fleur’. Amoury said the layers inside her cake were “sexy” and Melissa raved about the dish.

Dessert Masters. Ten.

Anna Polyviou made a ‘Firecracker’ and Melissa was impressed with the layers inside the dessert.

Dessert Masters. Ten.

Rhiann Mead made a dish called Plum Bottom which Melissa said was absolutely stunning.

Dessert Masters. Ten.

Jess Liemantara made a stunning dessert called You Give Me Butterflies and once again, the judges were very happy.

Dessert Masters. Ten.

Kay-Lene Tan whipped together a Pandan Chiffon Cake, while the judges were mostly happy with it, Melissa wasn’t sure about the texture of the baked mooncake skin.

Dessert Masters. Ten.

Gareth Whitton presented the judges with a Brown Butter Miso and Yuro Tart. Amoury said that the flavours were “crafted to perfection”.

Dessert Masters. Ten.

Morgan Hipworth made a Tropical Bloom which was a theatrical dish in the sense that the petals dropped when the sauce was added. Amoury said the elements were “well crafted” but that the chocolate could have been thinner.

Adriano Zumbo made a dish called Masterpiece Within a Masterpiece. The pastry chef was disappointed with his dish and said it was only 70% there. Amoury agreed that it “lacked a little bit of refinement”.

Last up was Andy Bowdy’s controversial savoury dessert of Roasted Fennel Cake. Amoury teased a disaster when told Andy his dish would be high risk for high reward but after tasting it he confirmed that Andy had achieved “high reward”.

The Verdict

Andy, Kirsten and Reynold were the top three choices by the judges, and Reynold took home the Immunity Pin.

Dessert Masters continues at 7:30pm on 10 and 10Play.

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