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The Block Recap Episode 28: Brett gives zero f**ks when talking to the camera crew

And Foreman Dan is NOT happy!

It’s episode 28 of The Block 2023 and Brett has opened the show by swearing at the camera crew. Cool. Sick of being woken up at six every morning in the middle of winter, he is not happy.

“Leave me alone please,” he says before the crew asks if he’s “trying to find something”.

“I’m not trying to find something. I’m trying to find some space from you (BEEP) in the morning. Every f**king morning. Go and harass someone else, for f**k’s sake.” he says. Charming.

Later, Foreman Dan rightly tells him off and he apologises.

Brett. Nine

Scotty and Shelley’s walkaround

It’s also Wednesday (well Friday on The Block) which means it’s time for Scotty and Shelley to do their walkaround.

While last week they were more interested in the tea, this week, there are serious budget chats, especially for Kyle and Leslie.

Scotty is concerned about their budget, saying they have to try and win some rooms and challenges to get back on track.

Meanwhile, Shelley is disgusted over the state of Ash and Leah’s living room, saying that they need to clean it up, otherwise, they will cause permanent damage.

“It looks like a bomb site in there,” she tells them. “That is not cool, at all.”

Shelley Craft and Scotty Cam. Nine

Meanwhile, Scotty tells Eliza and Liberty that their budget is “cooked” too, and he wants them to change their building team.

The BayCISS Challenge

The BayCISS challenge is finally over; however, the Blockheads are thrilled to be working on such a rewarding project.

Darren Palmer then awards Eliza and Liberty, Leah and Ash and Kristy and Brett the win which includes a cool $10,000.

In celebration, Eliza thinks it’s a good time to go and get her nails done while Liberty is back at Charming St painting. By the time she gets back — after three hours — Liberty is fumin’ and describes Eliza as “selfish”, accusing her of not working hard enough or taking The Block seriously.

Tensions are seriously brewing as the kitchens are about to be unveiled!

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