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The Block 2023 Recap Episode 5: See the stunning Guest Bathroom room reveals from Week 1

"Divine!" "Bland!" "Half-Baked"....

It’s episode five of The Block 2023 and it’s finally time to see the guest bathroom room reveals our Blockheads have been working on during week one.

Before we get stuck into showing off their stunning creations, here’s a list of what happened during the episode.

  • Kyle and Leslie and Leah and Ash both think that they are the only house doing curves. 
  • Steph and Gian are still struggling with their builder Ryan and decide it’s time to get a new team in.
  • Leah catches Steph talking to her stone maker, given that they already can’t stand each other, she thinks she is trying to steal her trades. “Is she dumb and innocent or smart and sneaky?” she tells Kristy, gossiping once again.
  • Steph’s dad Nick arrives at The Block once again and it appears he may have helped House 4 with their renovations. Leah and Kristy see red! “Is it cheating?” Eliza asks.
  • New judge Marty Fox finally joins Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer to judge the rooms.

Room Reveals

House 1 Kyle and Leslie – $30,366

Positives: The judges love the curved ceiling, with Marty saying it will photograph nicely. They also agree it has a lovely, warm feeling about it. 

Negatives: Shaynna was concerned by the placement of the drain in the bathroom and Darren took issue with the fact that there was no underfloor heating in their bathroom. 

House 2 Leah and Ash – $19,691

Positives: Once again, the judges loved the curved ceiling and Darren also loved the “bold style” and Venetian plaster walls.

Negatives: Marty thought the dark green made the bathroom feel like a nightclub and that the door placement was incorrect. The judges also felt the white toilet stood out for all the wrong reasons and Shaynna called the styling “half-baked”.

Naturally, Leah was upset over the judging, especially when Marty cautioned the couple not to be so bold throughout the rest of the house.

House 3 – Kristy and Brett – $17,534

Positives: It felt like a day spa.

Negatives: Overall, there were mixed reactions from the judges. Even though it felt calming, they didn’t think the theme was executed that well, with Marty calling it “bland”.

They also had issues with the industrial-style shower screen, with Marty saying the entire space had “no emotional connection”.  Darren was concerned by the mixed styles in the bathroom, urging them to pick one and stick to it.

House 4 – Steph and Gian – $22,362

Positives: The bottom half of the bathroom was a success.

Negatives: The judges didn’t like the beams, saying they didn’t “look rustic” and their one and only towel rail didn’t work.

House 5 – Eliza and Liberty – $26,262

Positives: Darren’s initial feeling was “wow” and they loved the tiles, with the feeling of the bathroom noted as “divine”. 

Negatives:  The judges felt that the mixed metals didn’t really work and neither did the placement of the flush of the toilet.

The Verdict

Kyle and Leslie took out the win and were granted a one-night getaway at Scott Cam’s house in Gisborne from last season.



**Kyle and Leslie8 ½8 ½825
Leah and Ash8 ½8 ½7 ½24 ½
Kristy and Brett7 ½6 ½721
Steph and Gian76 ½720 ½
Eliza and Liberty87 ½7 ½23

*All images have been supplied by Nine.

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