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The Block 2023 Recap Episode 4: Leah declares Steph is “a snake”…and some building happens

"It's game on mole!"

It’s episode four of The Block 2023 and there are only four more days until the studio bathrooms must be complete and to say some of our Blockheads are struggling is an understatement!

Here are the highlights from episode three of The Block 2023.

Steph and Gian are still on struggle street

Steph and Gian are still a while away from waterproofing, having missed Waterproof Wednesday during episode three and are having serious issues with Ryan and his building crew; however, Foremen Keith and Dan are keeping an eye on it and we feel like this won’t be the last of it.

Steph on the phone with Ryan. Nine

Four Blockheads go shopping

Meanwhile, luck is on the side of Kyle and Leslie from House No.1 who have secured the infamous Cursio brothers to do their tiling; however, Eliza and Liberty are not so blessed as their tiler decides to walk off the job, before even starting.

In happier news, Leah, Liberty, Kristy and Leslie, all go shopping together sans Steph…unsurprisingly.

Steph’s dad arrives and Leah’s daughter ends up with stitches

Being the youngest contestant, it’s no surprise that Steph is letting the ~jOurNey~ get to her, and welcomes a visit from her dad.

However, over in House No. 2, disaster strikes as Leah gets a call saying that her young daughter Marnie had to have stitches in her head after a fall. Naturally, it’s an emotional moment and Leah and Ash struggle with being far away from their young family.

Marnie. Nine

Real Estate agent drama

The Blockheads meet their realtors for the first time, however, drama is afoot as Leah sees Steph with Lana from Whitefox real estate – her realtor!

While she was PISSED, nothing shady was actually happening, given that Steph had locked in Aaron from Ray White two days earlier. Jumping to conclusions, Leah thinks Steph is trying to steal Lana, calling her “a snake” when speaking about it with Kristy.

Lana and Aaron. Nine

“It’s game on moles,” she says and seriously, is it really an Aussie reality show if someone didn’t say it?!

Just a few days in and we have serious drama already on The Block. What a ride.

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