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The Block Recap Episode 22: It’s giving “high school” — The Blockhead divide continues

The snipes continue...

It’s episode 22 of The Block 2023 and time to get started on the Master Bedroom and walk-in robes; however, trouble is brewing before the week even begins.

The divide between the houses is at an all-time high with Leah and Ash and Kristy and Brett on one side and Gian and Steph, Eliza and Liberty and Kyle and Leslie on the other.

The Blockhead divide. Nine

At the Domain Open For Inspections, the snipes continue from Leah and Ash and Kristy and Brett, mainly aimed at Steph. Shock horror.

Leah and Ash have decided they’re only giving negative feedback which is great (not) and seriously, we are done with this character arc.

Kristy and Leah believe that Steph needs constant ~vAliDaTiOn~; however, all Steph really wants is positive feedback given that she’s there to complete a house. This is The Block after all and not high school.

She tells Kristy and Brett — whom she thinks she has a relo with — that what she really wants is brutal honesty, something she gives, especially to Leah and Ash’s polarising winning living and dining space. Basically, she hates it. Lel.

Leah and Ash are given an extra reward

This week, the Blockheads are moving upstairs and Leah and Ash attempt to do a very bold curved ceiling.

During their winning getaway to Daylesford, they tell Scotty about their plans, who surprises them with $5000 from Arnott’s for getting a ten last week.

While they’re away, things are deteriorating for Eliza and Liberty and their builder Mark. Once again building in absolute chaos, Mark is annoyed that he’s not getting forward plans and some abrupt text messages are exchanged.

Eliza and Liberty. Nine

Eliza and Liberty are in chaos and Marty Fox comes for a visit

Even though it’s literally their job, Eliza and Liberty are not happy, thinking that Mark isn’t making that extra effort, because, as Eliza says, they are “zombies” who need need some help.

After another hard day of fighting with each other, Scotty puts on a BBQ with a surprise special guest, Marty Fox. Since the Blockheads hate his feedback, they’re none too pleased to see him; however, he is all smiles when visiting their spaces from last week.

Despite his BRUTAL feedback, Eliza and Liberty admit they actually like him and all is right in the world… until the next judging of course.

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