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The Block Recap Episode 20: Kristy sticks her nose into Gian and Steph’s business

And Leah becomes jealous over their friendship

It’s episode 20 of The Block and the pressure is building given that only three days are left until the Living and Dining Room reveal.

Over in Kristy and Brett’s house, Brett has put on an additional apprentice, telling his builder that he doesn’t want to be a labourer. This is concerning for a few reasons, because mate, you’re on The Block. Unsurprisingly, his builder is a bit miffed…and so are we.

Adding to the drama, the same Blockheads are continuing to restump their home, now fearing they don’t have the budget to achieve this while Eliza and Liberty are also in a “world of pain” because of the amount of painting they need to get done.

Liberty. Nine

Meanwhile, Steph and Gian are bickering and despite the issues at her own place, Kristy gets involved telling Steph that she’s too hard on her husband. Kristy then reports the snafu to Leah, and they continue to gossip about their arch-nemesis behind her back.

Leah suspects that Steph is playing with her by trying to become best friends with Kristy, but this is ridiculous, Steph doesn’t want to be friends with either of them.

“I’m probably closest with her, but she’s not closest with me,” Kristy says.

Talking to Gian about it, Steph is in tears because she’s an architect and just wants to build a goddamn house. Gian says he’s 100 per cent behind his wife and even though they bicker, their communication style is between them and not up to other people.

Steph and Kristy. Nine

Once again, we’re back on the “how will Kyle and Leslie fit the Christian Cole table into their home”, this time with Foremen Keith and Dan noticing the spacing issue.

By the end of the night, Eliza and Liberty, Steph and Gian and Kyle and Leslie are now hanging out, while Leah and Ash and Kristy and Brett keep to themselves. The divide continues…

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