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The Block 2023 Recap Episode 9: All of the amazing studio room reveals from Week 2

The underdogs have finally come out on top!

It’s episode nine of The Block 2023 and it’s time to see the self-contained studios (or as Scotty Cam called them, “granny flat”) reveals!

Before we get stuck into their gorgeous rooms, here’s a quick rundown of what happened during the episode.

  • Eliza and Liberty pull two all-nighters to finish
  • Rain causes some water damage in Leah and Ash’s studio
  • Steph and Gian seem to be on the up and up. Their new builders are working out well.

Room reveals

House 1 Kyle and Leslie – $27,051


  • All three judges thought the room had a serious “wow” factor.
  • Shaynna thought everything was “incredible”. 


  • While the Pilates studio was well done, Marty, Shaynna and Darren questioned its purpose.
  • Marty thought for the real estate market in Hampton East it should have had a kitchenette to make the studio fully self-contained. 
  • The judges thought the carpet was a mistake and should have had floorboards considering it lead to the pool.

House 2 Leah and Ash – $21,094


  • The judges loved the choice of timber flooring.   
  • They liked the kitchenette.


  • Darren said the studio gave him “display home vibes” and that the Murphy pull-down bed was the wrong choice, as was the placement of the furniture. 
  • Shaynna thought the studio design had no connection to their “bold and risky” bathroom.

House 3 Kristy and Brett – $30,895


  • Darren loved the impressive Velux skylights and their design on the roof of the second-story studio. 
  • Marty liked the design and thought it was a bit like a New York City loft which was a plus for the Hampton East market. 
  • Shaynna loved the colour palette.


  • All three judges had concerns about the layout and some of the styling. 
  • There was no rug and no microwave which was a negative
  • Shaynna thought the studio had no connection to their bathroom. 

House 4 Steph and Gian – $23,822


  • Marty thought it had a lovely warmth to it. 
  • Even though they didn’t like the beams on the roof in the bathroom, they loved them in the studio.
  • Marty thought that its use as an extra bedroom would be fantastic come auction time. 
  • Shaynna praised Steph’s architectural work
  • Marty said if this style was applied to the whole house, they would be a very strong team moving forward.

House 5 Eliza and Liberty – $21,518


  • The judges were impressed that it was fully self-contained, with a sink, kitchen and microwave.


  • The judges had serious issues with the layout and styling. 
  • The wallpaper was called “juvenile”.
  • Marty said Eliza and Liberty would have been better off delivering a room with nothing in it. Ooft.
  • The judges felt the room wasn’t luxurious enough.


Steph and Gian came out on top with a score of 24.5 out of 30.

Kyle and Leslie87.57.523
Leah and Ash7.576.521
Kristy and Brett7.576.521
** Steph and Gian897.524.5
Eliza and Liberty86.5721.5

*All images have been supplied by 9.

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