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The Block 2023 Recap Episode 14: Leah wages war on Nine in Six over the rain damage

Leah also thinks they're being unfairly judged...

It’s episode 14 of The Block 2023 and we’ve just entered…*checks notes*…week three and it’s time to get our Guest Bathroom on!

Following on from the August 27 Room Reveals, Leah’s issues with the judges’ feedback continue to rage on.

Once again, she is not happy, Jan that she and Ash came equal last with Eliza and Liberty. She’s also not happy, Jan that Steph and Gian have won again, calling their beige style “Seven shades of Arrowroot biscuit.” Lol.

As per usual, the Blockheads venture around each property for the Domain Open For Inspections and Leah is absolutely fuming, thinking she and Ash are being unfairly judged. 

Steph and Gian. Nine

Planning the Guest Bathrooms

Leaving her to her woes, it’s time for the contestants to start planning their bathrooms.

Kyle and Leslie decide to take the shower out of their room, which is the smallest room on The Block, turning it into a beautiful, but small, powder room.

Eliza and Liberty have also decided to create a Block first with a moss feature wall that will no doubt be controversial.

Leah and Ash start a fight with Nine in Six

Back with Leah and Ash, they are on the warpath and have started a war with Scotty Cam’s builders, Nine In Six. After being consistently told to tarp up their house (which they didn’t) Leah decides to blame the builders for not…doing enough.

Unsurprisingly, the fight gets very emotional with Aidan and Simmo explaining the situation, before Ash walks with his tail between his legs and offers them up a bottle of scotch as an apology.

Another (weird) challenge and the Bob Awards

In another challenge no one asked for, the Blockheads have to… once again, *checks notes* breakdance?! They’re told they will have to perform it later on and seriously, does anyone actually build anything on this show?

In exciting news, Tom the plumber returns and gives this week’s Bob Awards, awarding Eliza and Liberty the best building team plus an extra $10,000 thanks to HiPages. 

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