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The Block Recap Episode 24: Kristy and Brett join the tin-foil hat club

Plus Scotty and Cam are more interested in the piping out tea

It’s episode 24 of The Block 2023 and there are conspiracy theories abound after Kyle and Leslie’s Ford challenge win.

It’s the morning after and Kyle and Leslie have woken up very happy alongside a cardboard cut out of Shelley Craft; however, resident tin-foil hat wearers Kristy and Brett are still on the “IT WAS RIGGED!” train. Unfortunately, they’re still more focused on being the worst and are taking the role very seriously.

Kristy and Brett. Nine

Meanwhile, Leah and Ash are trying to build the most complex ceiling in the history of The Block, which, if it works, is set to be a show-stopper!

Back at Kristy’s house, she is furious because she needs The Block electrician to do some work. Unlucky for her, they’re are at Eliza and Liberty’s house — and she is hellbent on telling everyone they are a Channel 9 plant.

The walkarounds

It’s that time of the week when Scotty Cam and Shelley set out for their walk around. While they’re usually there to check in on how the Blockheads are travelling with their renos, today they’re here for one thing and one thing only. The piping hot tea.

Unsurprisingly, Kristy unloads on Steph, because she just will not quit. Gah!

While over in House Five, Scotty praises Eliza and Liberty for their living space.

Shelley and Scott. Nine

Eliza and Liberty’s alleged “special treatment”

Then, Eliza and Liberty give Nine In Six some beers as a bribe, thanking them for approving their waterproofing they technically should not have, if they were actually following The Block rule book.

Once again, Kristy and Leah see red, thinking the Melbourne sisters are getting special treatment and they are over it. Spoiler alert! So are we.

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