the block room reveals episode 21

The Block Recap Episode 21: All of the Living and Dining Rooms revealed

There's a surprising win for one couple

It’s episode 21 of The Block and time for the Living and Dining Room reveals. But before we dive into the epic reveals (and see if Kyle and Leslie were able to fit in their Christian Cole dining table), here’s what happened during the episode.

Trying to complete their living and dining spaces, Eliza and Liberty were in a world of pain given that their space was much bigger compared to the other Blockheads.

Getting barely any sleep, Eliza slept in the shower as she and her sister struggled with spray painting the room. And because Liberty also had zero sleep, Foreman Dan created a chauffeur driver alter-ego, Danielo, who drove her around to do her shopping.

Unsurprisingly, Kristy is p**sed about this revelation, believing the sisters are getting special treatment while floating the conspiracy that they are Channel 9 plants. Also, unsurprisingly, she tells Leah all about it. Cool.

Finally, Kyle and Leslie’s prayers have been answered and the biggest question on The Block is answered. They were able to fit their table! Yay. Except, they soon realised they had made a huge planning error. Oh. The pair realise they should have had a fully open living space and one wall needs to come down. 

Somehow, all of the teams manage to finish and there are some spectacular results. 

Room Reveals

Much to the delight of the Blockheads, Neale Whitaker is back as Marty Fox is off for the week.

Kyle and Leslie – $31,560

The judges think the room is far too tight and have noticed their planning issues. Neale calls the room a “beautifully styled disaster,” however, Darren loves the curves.

Leah and Ash – $38,209

The judges commended Leah and Ash for their bold and unique style; however, believe It will be polarising given Leah’s colourful and risk-taking style.

They call it an almost perfect room, despite concern about the size of the couch and the table.

Kristy and Brett – $23,325

The judges loved the Stoke fireplace saying the room is very functional, has a nice floor plan and is a good size.

They also love the plaster feature wall.

Steph and Gian – $31,739

The judges reserved judgment about the layout changes and said they would wait to see if the kitchen works out.

Shaynna and Darren thought the room was overstyled, as did Neale, but he also loved the feeling of both rooms.

Eliza and Liberty – $37,706

All three judges were impressed with the layout and loved how much space there was. They also thought this would be an advantage for them come auction day. 


Leah and Ash take out the win and Eliza and Liberty surprise themselves and come second.

Kyle and Leslie6 ½6 ½720
**Leah and Ash9 ½9 ½1029
Kristy and Brett8 ½8 ½8 ½25 ½
Steph and Gian8 ½8925 ½
Eliza and Liberty99927

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