episode 25 the block main bedroom room reveals

The Block Recap Episode 25: The stunning main bedroom and walk-in-robe rooms revealed

One team received a 10 from Marty!

It’s episode 25 of The Block and time for the main bedroom and walk-in-robe room reveals. But before we can see what the Blockheads miraculously renovated, here’s what happened during the episode.

With 24 hours until the room reveals one of the biggest weeks on The Block, Kyle and Leslie were feeling the pressure and missing their kids. Kyle in particular was struggling.

Meanwhile, Eliza and Liberty continued to struggle with their builder Mark. This time, Mark was refusing to get a stonemason for a benchtop in their master bedroom and suggested a cheaper timber version instead.

Foremen Keith and Dan were less than impressed with Eliza and Liberty confronting Mark about all of their concerns, without any luck. Mark also wanted the sisters to submit their plans for the following week which is a huge no-no on The Block.

Heading to Scotty’s HQ for judging, Scotty reveals they are officially at the halfway point of The Block

Room Reveals

Kyle and Leslie – $32,793

The judges loved the texture on the bed head, however; given it was a bit rough it could cause injuries while you… sleep. 

All three judges didn’t think Kyle and Leslie utilised and planned the space well. While it would look great on Instagram, it’s not that livable.

The judges thought their walk-in-robe was a much better effort but it was far too small.

Leah and Ash – $42,825

The judges loved the curved ceiling, praising Leah and Ash for their risk-taking.

The downside was that there was a lack of furniture and functionality and their styling was all over the place. They also didn’t have enough storage.

Marty didn’t like the burgundy colour of the walk-in-robe, thinking it would date.

Kristy and Brett – $42,825

Marty loved the vibe, saying it was light and bright; however, the lighting plan was a bit of a mess.

They also didn’t like the small bedside tables.

Steph and Gian – $44,064

Steph and Gian’s master was the biggest in Block history and was an absolute hit with the judges.

They thought it oozed luxury and loved the stunning wardrobes by Kinsman and the stunning marble benchtop in the walk-in robe.

All three judges were impressed by the layout and “wow” was used many, many times.

Eliza and Liberty – $23,952

The judges really felt for the girls given that the paint job wasn’t finished.

Shaynna loved the artwork in the master bedroom and thought it was a really good effort.

They also liked the contemporary colour palette and lots of storage.

Marty also said, that while they may not win many rooms, they could actually win The Block given their house was very sellable. 


Steph and Gian took out the win.

Kyle and Leslie66.57.521
Leah and Ash7.57.5823.5
Kristy and Brett99927.5
** Steph and Gian9.59.51029
Eliza and Liberty7.57.57.523

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