Megan and Gracie on Hunted

“Felt that it was rigged”: Hunted Australia’s Gracie & Megan on being on the run with a camera crew

How can you hide from the Hunters with a camera crew?

Bubbly aunt and niece duo Megan Colwell and Gracie Dale were captured on Hunted Australia after they traversed across Victoria in an effort to escape the Hunters.

At one point, Gracie and Megan donned extravagant costumes before boarding a ferry with CCTV to the Mornington Penisula. However, despite pretending not to know one another, the pair shared a camera team on board the boat.

Hunted. Ten.

While one may think that the filming crew would make Gracie and Megan, well, the opposite of inconspicuous, the beauty therapists said they were surprised at the lengths the cameramen went to stay hidden.

“We were very worried about that and we kind of felt that it was rigged because obviously, the hunters are just going to look for [the filming team],” Gracie told Chattr in an interview post-elimination.

“But our camera boys were awesome. They were part of our team, and they cared about us moving as much as we did, so they tried their best to hide as much as they could. Honestly, we were not worried about them at all,” she added.

Hunted. Ten.

“At one stage where we were literally down the back of someone’s house hiding under a rock and he could have been standing in the way recording, but he was right next to us, cramped up on the rock.”

Megan added that the cameramen were partially hidden from view during the aforementioned ferry trip.

“On the ferry, they were behind the pole and it’s not as obvious as it made out,” she explained.

“They were either really far in front of us or really far behind us or using GoPros and stuff like that. So it wasn’t as obvious as people probably think, they’re actually really good at hiding, just like we are.”

How did Megan know that Gracie was captured?

Gracie was the first of the pair to be captured by the Hunters after the two split up to run away upon their arrival.

Megan hid behind a bush and confessed to the cameraman that she was upset her niece had been caught. But, how did she know the Hunters had gotten Gracie?

Hunted. Ten.

“Neither of us knew you where the other one was, then after an hour of hiding in the bush. The Hunter’s cars pulled up behind the bush. I couldn’t believe it. I heard them pull up and they got out of the car and said we’ve got Gracie,” she explained.

“I only heard from them having a joke about who caught her and what happened, and I also heard them say they were going to put a drone up in the air,” she added.

Megan explained that she overheard them talking about bringing out a “dog squad” which caused her to give up hope.

“I had actually sliced my thumb open when I jumped the fence so I was sitting in the bush dripping blood and I heard them say dogs and I was like, ‘No, this is too much’.”

Hunted Australia 2023 airs at 7.30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on 10 and 10Play.

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