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Get ready for more Aussie action! NCIS: Sydney has been confirmed for season two

Here's everything we know about the second season!

The NCIS: Sydney gang is returning for season two!

On March 20, Paramount+ announced that the much-anticipated second instalment would begin production in the coming months.

The series, which became Australia’s most-watched local series premiere on the streaming service, was not only popular here, but was also a sensation with international audiences. Because of this, the second season was also greenlit by the CBS Television Network in the U.S.

NCIS SYDNEY is it filmed in australia
Olivia Swann and Todd Lasance, NCIS: Sydney. Paramount+

So, what do we know about NCIS: Sydney Season Two?

What will NCIS: Sydney’s season two be about?

The first international iteration of the global NCIS franchise outside of the U.S, NCIS: Sydney saw a brilliant and eclectic team of U.S. NCIS Agents and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) who were grafted into a multi-national taskforce to keep naval crimes in check.

Having only just found their feet, in the next instalment, the agents will now square off against a much more powerful adversary, threatening the very stability of the region… and the team itself. 

L-R: William McInnes, Todd Lasance and Olivia Swann, Paramount+

Who will return for season two?

The core cast will be returning for the second season including William McInnes as Forensic Pathologist Dr. Roy Penrose, Sean Sagar as Special Agent DeShawn Jackson, Tuuli Narkle as AFP Liaison Officer Constable Evie Cooper, Todd Lasance as AFP Liaison Officer Sergeant Jim  ‘JD’ Dempsey, Olivia Swann as NCIS Special Agent Captain Michelle Mackey and Mavournee Hazel as Forensic Pathologist “Bluebird ‘Blue’ Gleeson.

L-R: William McInnes, Sean Sagar, Tuuli Narkle, Todd Lasance, Olivia Swann and Mavournee Hazel. Paramount+

Is there a trailer?

Given they’re only just about to begin filming at the time of publication, unfortunately, not yet!

Stream NCIS: Sydney Season One on Paramount+.

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