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People are frothing over NCIS: Sydney and it’s now the most-watched local show on Paramount+

It's breaking records all over the world

NCIS: Sydney may have only been out for a few weeks, but it’s already the most-watched local series on Paramount+ in Australia.

Viewers can’t get enough of the Blue, JD and Michelle Mackey on the Australian adaption of the international hit show, and it’s not only Australians who are tuning in.

Over 10 million viewers across CBS and Paramount+ have watched the episodes in the US, and it’s now the #1 most-streamed CBS Network series premiere ever on Paramount+. Plus, NCIS: Sydney is the top scripted series in Canada this season.

NCIS: Sydney: Paramount+.

To make the feat even more impressive, only two episodes of the eight-part series have been released at the time of writing, with new episodes dropping every Friday.

“These viewer numbers for NCIS: Sydney demonstrate the global strength and popularity of the NCIS franchise, and highlights how strong characters and storytelling continues to resonate with the CBS audience,” Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment, said.

NCIS’s Todd Lasance expected the adaption to be a success

Todd Lasance, who plays Jim ‘JD’ Dempsey on NCIS: Sydney had a feeling that the series would be a worldwide success.

During an interview with Chattr after filming wrapped on the Paramount+ series, he said that the show had all the elements of a great production.

“Now that we’ve wrapped, I feel a bit of the pressure that I hope that everyone loves the show and connects to it,” he said.

Todd Lasance. Instagram.

“But also, there’s pride because I feel like we’ve got something really unique here, too. It’s in the NCIS world, it’s in the franchise tone. It’s got that light, hard element. It’s got the procedural element to it, too. But, man, we’ve got some juice coming in this season.

Lasance attributed some of the show’s success to the beautiful city of Sydney that it’s set in.

“I’ve never seen Sydney the way that they’re showing [in NCIS: Sydney],” He said. “The locations that we went to, I was like, ‘Where are we?’ It was beautiful. And I’ve heard people talk about how there’s a green screen with the explosions and some of the special effects, but there are none in our backdrops, none in our locations. There’s no green screen in any of our photos or the press release stuff in front of the bridge.”

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