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Love Island Australia 2023: Which couples are still together?

One couple is officially donezo

Love Island Australia 2023 wasn’t filmed live, which means all of this year’s couples left the villa before the first episode even began airing.

While all of the contestants most certainly have an iron-clad contract warning them not to spoil the show by revealing their relationship status, they often don’t exactly abide by the rules.

This year is no exception, and there’s some post-villa tea about which of the remaining couples have stayed together since the show finished filming.

Read on to find out who’s together together out of the Love Island Australia 2023 couples.

Kale and Tyra

Love Island. Nine.

A sleuthy Redditor discovered that “some restaurant called the Red Rooster”, which is actually, ahem, the popular chicken takeaway shop Red Rooster, shared a pic on Instagram of some of the Love Island cast getting a feed.

At the front of the pic was Kale and Tyra sharing a burger, which suggests that the two are at least on good terms, if not together.

Red Rooster. Instagram.

Zac and Lucinda

Love Island. Nine.

Zac and Lucinda recently made an appearance, which looked suspiciously like a pap walk. In the pictures, which were coincidentally captured and published, Zac and Lucinda can be seen having dinner at a very high-profile restaurant in London called SHEESH. They’re also snapped kissing.

Sooooo… it looks as though Lucinda and Zac are still together, even if it’s just for the clout!

Georgia and Nate

Georgia and Reid on Love Island Australia 2023
Love Island. Nine.

Georgia and Nate are still together. Awww.

Georgia revealed that she and Nate broke up after leaving the villa, but got back together shortly after.

“After we left and got back to Sydney we tried to give it a go, but life was really hectic so we had a bit of a break,” Georgia told Nine Entertainment.

“We just started talking again and we were just like ‘Damn, there’s obviously still a flame here’,” Georgia added.

Reid and Chloe

Chloe and Reid on Love Island Australia 2023
Love Island. Nine.

Reid and Chloe have broken up since leaving the show.

“I can confirm we are not together,” Reid told Nine Entertainment.

“It was more my decision but [Chloe] could accept that and she respects my decision.”

Reid insinuated that the split was mutual, but Chloe didn’t share the same sentiment.

“Reid and myself didn’t really speak about anything, we just walked away,” she said.

“We probably had different motives why we went on the show. I joined the military so I focused on that, and he’s focus was his modelling and acting,” she added.

Savanah and Clint

Love Island. Nine.

No. during an interview with Chattr, Zac revealed that Savannah and Clint have spit up.

“No, they’re not together,” he said.

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