Georgia and Nate from Love Island

Welp, it looks like Love Island Australia’s Georgia and Nate are back together… AGAIN

"Bruh, I can’t keep up with u two"

Let’s hope that the third time’s a charm for Love Island Australia’s Georgia and Nate who appear to have gotten back together again. That makes it not once, not twice, but three times.

Their most recent breakup was announced in early January when Nate confirmed their split with fans in an Instagram Q&A.

“Georgia and I are no longer together romantically,” he told his followers at the time.

“Needless to say we’ve got zero bad blood between us. I’ve got so much love and respect for her, I reckon she’s fun, she’s beautiful, she’s awesome, all of the above.”

However, that appears to have changed… again.

Love Island. Nine.

Nate shared a loved-up video of Georgia

Fast forward to Friday, January 25th and Nate casually (!?!) shared a video of himself and Georgia strolling down the street together arm in arm.

Even more tellingly, Nate added the song Just Lose It by Eminem. Now, Millenials will know that these lyrics go: “Guess who’s back, back again, Shady’s back, tell a friend”. Well, we’re pretty sure Georgia and Nate and back again, too.

@nate.page99 My birthday present @Georgia Murray ♬ original sound – stellas spam 🥺

BUT, that’s not all! One of Nate’s pals basically confirmed that the two were back together with his multiple comments on the clip.

“Call it a sequel,” he wrote, then followed that with: “#Callitacomeback”. Then, in a third comment, he wrote, “They back on”.

Nate and Georgia’s Love Island co-star Nakia summed up our exact thoughts in the comments section. “Bruh, I can’t keep up with u two,” she wrote.

Nakia, Nate and Georgia. Instagram.

When else did Nate and Georgia split?

Georgia and Nate were quite a solid couple while they were inside the Love Island villa, however, they did have a few squabbles about how much time they would be spending together once they were outside.

Shortly after the episode aired in which Georgia and Nate were kicked out of the villa (remember, it was pre-filmed), they revealed that they’d already broken up and got back together.

“After we left and got back to Sydney we tried to give it a go, but life was really hectic so we had a bit of a break,” Georgia told Nine Entertainment at the time.

She said that once the show started airing they started talking again and a flame was ignited.

“Our journey is definitely not finished, we’re definitely together,” she said.

“We just fit back like a glove – it was so easy.”

Soooo, they were together in the villa, got back together between filming and the show airing, and are now back together for a third time? What a ride.

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