Lucinda and Zac on Love Island

Interview: Love Island Australia’s Zac reveals the next major step in his relationship with Lucinda


Love Island Australia 2023’s Zac Nunn’s has dished the dirt on his relationship with Lucinda Strafford, revealing that the couple are about to take a major step together.

Since filming wrapped on Love Island Australia five months ago, Lucinda and Zac have stayed together despite the geological roadblock.

During an interview with Chattr, the Love Island Australia finalist revealed that he’s spent some time in the UK with Lucinda, and she is coming to see him in Australia.

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“I spent two and a half months with her in the UK,” he said. “She’s spending Christmas with her family. I’m spending Christmas with my family and I’m seeing her in literally seven days from now. Just after Christmas, she’s coming here and we’re going to spend a month together in Australia.”

“It’s gonna be her first trip [to Australia]. I get to show her around. I’m so excited.”

Zac revealed that he has plans to move to England in the near future so that he can be with Lucinda.

“I think I’m going to relocate to the UK at some point early next year.”

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Zac and Lucinda’s relationship has been thriving outside the villa

Zac and Lucinda became girlfriend and boyfriend while they were inside the villa, and Zac said that their relationship has been going from strength to strength ever since.

“Obviously, it’s not the real world when you’re in [the villa]. So, when we left it was just crazy how calm it was, we didn’t argue there was nothing bad it was just so wonderful,” Zac said.

The former electrician said that he and Lucinda put a lot of effort into their long-distance relationship.

“I think doing long distances comes with its challenges, it’s not been the easiest thing ever and it takes a lot of trust for both of us,” he said.

“We talk on the phone for four hours every day, we talk on the phone right up until 2am most nights.”

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