Masterchef Australia 2024

“I’ve got a few things in the works”: The future looks bright for MasterChef Australia star Alex

"Having people you love around makes all the difference."

In a MasterChef Australia 2024 season packed with drama, talent, and drool-worthy dishes, Alex Crisp from Fremantle, WA, managed to steal our hearts.

Dubbed “sunshine in human form,” Alex’s journey on MasterChef Australia was one for the books, filled with cultural flavours, creativity, and that nail-biting Banksia Pod pressure test that had us all on the edge of our seats.

Alex MasterChef Australia 2024 contestant

That dreaded Banksia Pod pressure test

Alex’s final hurrah on MasterChef Australia came with the ultimate challenge – replicating Australian Chef of the Year Hugh Allen’s ‘Banksia Pod’ dessert, a dish that was a complex work of art inspired by Australian native flora.

When asked about the moment she saw the challenge, Alex laughed, “I was in all sorts. My mind immediately went, ‘Nope, can’t do this.’ But I just wanted to get something on the plate.”

Despite her efforts, the dish’s complexity was overwhelming.

“I’m not a recipe girl; I cook from intuition. Following over 100 steps with cameras and producers everywhere was insane,” she shared.

Showcasing her heritage

Throughout the season, Alex’s dishes often highlighted her multicultural background – a blend of Danish and South African influences.

“Bringing my heritage to the table was so important. Representing Denmark and South Africa on such a big stage was an incredible feeling,” she said with pride.

One of her favourite moments was when she prepared a dish honouring her grandmothers, Momor and Yoyo.

“That was really special. It felt amazing to showcase the flavours and traditions they passed down to me.”

Keeping positive amidst the chaos

Alex’s positive attitude was a breath of fresh air in the high-pressure MasterChef kitchen. She credited her fellow contestants for helping her stay grounded. “Having people you love around makes all the difference. They help you stay calm when you’re stressed or overthinking,” she explained.

Her close bonds with other contestants were a highlight of her experience. “I fell in love with every one of them. It felt like I truly belonged. Everyone brought different kinds of support and encouragement.”

What’s next for Alex?

Now that her MasterChef Australia journey has ended, Alex has some exciting plans lined up.

“I’ve got a few things in the works, like demonstrating at a seafood event and participating in the Truffle Extravaganza in Fremantle,” she revealed. Alex is passionate about promoting local WA producers and restaurants, and she’s eager to dive into the tourism and food event space.

Words of wisdom

Alex’s transition from a sales rep to a beloved MasterChef contestant is an inspiring story of following your passion. The best advice she received from her fellow contestants-turned-friends?

“Put things into perspective. Making it to the top 22 is a massive achievement. Stay grounded and remember why you love cooking.”

Masterchef Australia 2024
Alex said her fellow MasterChef Australia contestants taught her to “put things in perspective.” Ten

Who’s got the win in the bag?

As for who she thinks will take home the MasterChef Australia 2024 title, Alex has a favourite.

“I’m throwing my bestie Darssh under the bus here. He’s got the focus and talent. Stay calm, and the world is your oyster, Darrsh!”

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