MasterChef Australia fans “devastated” over missing detail during Nagi Maehashi appearance

"Anyone else devastated?"

MasterChef Australia 2024 viewers are feeling a tad short-changed after noticing a glaring missing detail in a recent episode.

During the June 17 instalment, iconic chef Nagi Maehashi — A.K.A. RecipeTin Eats — made a guest judging appearance, which was met with total excitement from fans and contestants alike.

The best-selling cookbook author was flooded with praise on social media. Namely, for her warmth and positivity towards the amateur cooks.

nagi masterchef
Nagi Maehashi. Ten.

Yet despite the adoration for Nagi, fans shared their disappointment that her 11-year-old golden retriever, Dozer, wasn’t present.

The dog serves as Chief Recipe Tester at RecipeTin Eats HQ, and is typically glued to his owner’s side.

Where was Nagi Maehashi’s dog Dozer during MasterChef 2024?

Taking to Reddit, one MasterChef viewer asked whether “anyone else [was] devastated that Dozer isn’t here”.

“We want Dozer!” another penned.

Over on X (formerly known as Twitter), fans shared similar sentiments,

“Nagi is a great cook and genuinely seems like a lovely person. But no Dozer??? He’s a star,” one user wrote.

“Would love a Dozer cameo,” a second admitted.

One fan keen to get to the bottom of Dozer’s absence took the question to Nagi’s Instagram page.

The fan-fave chef was eager to explain, dishing that her pup was “home back in Sydney”.

Case closed!

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