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MasterChef Australia fans lash out at guest judge Curtis Stone for being “harsh” and “unpleasant”

"Contestants deserved better."

MasterChef Australia fans had a lot to say about 2024 guest judge Curtis Stone, taking to social media to point out that, well, he’s “a bit of a pr*ck”.

The world-renowned chef and Coles ambassador first appeared in the latest season of the competition to cook against the contestants, before returning in the next episode to task them with creating a fusion sauce.

However, while a bit of eye candy didn’t go amiss, it seems viewers could’ve done without Curtis’ “harsh” behaviour towards the amateur cooks.

curtis stone
Curtis Stone. Ten.

“Tonight’s episode just showcased what a jerk Curtis Stone is…disappointing. Contestants deserved better,” one viewer wrote on X (formally known as Twitter).

Another wondered whether he was trying to encroach on Gordon Ramsay‘s persona, which is widely regarded as a smidge brash.

A third MasterChef fan wrote: “I don’t recall Curtis being this unpleasant in past seasons.”

“Well I think regardless of who the judges decide to eliminate after this challenge the real big takeaway from the whole this is that Curtis Stone is a bit of a pr*ck,” a fourth brutally penned.

MasterChef Australia 2024‘s Sue Bazely found Curtis Stone “really tough”

Turns out it’s not just the viewers who thought Curtis was a bit jarring.

Chatting to Chattr after her elimination in the June 5 episode of MasterChef, Sue Bazely said the chef’s personality “didn’t match” what she “thought he would be like”.

sue curtis stone masterchef
Sue Bazely and Curtis. Ten.

Explaining that fellow guest judge Jamie Oliver gave the contestants “a bit of time to come up for some air”, Sue said that wasn’t the case with Curtis.

“He was on a mission, he really wanted to test us,” she recalled. “I found him really tough.”

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