MasterChef fans are absolutely rolling over one contestant’s, er, crappy dish presentation

"That is an actual turd."

MasterChef Australia 2024 viewers are losing their minds over one contestant’s rather sh*tty dish presentation during the latest pressure test.

Fans of the hit cooking competition haven’t been shy in sharing their thoughts about the current season, and it was no different when chef Hugh Allen appeared to host a brutal challenge in the June 18 episode.

The Vue de Monde executive chef tasked Josh Perry (A.K.A. Pezza), Savindri Perera and Alex Crisp with recreating his intricate Banskia Pod dessert.

Josh Perry. Ten.

Viewers took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to admit they were impressed with Pezza “smashing” the dish’s technical elements.

It was the amateur cook’s final presentation and plating up, however, that had fans in stitches.

Fans claim Pezza’s MasterChef dish “looks like a turd”

MasterChef viewers weren’t backward in announcing that they thought Pezza’s Baskia Pod branch “looks like a turd”.

“How do they [the judges] keep a straight face when being presented with Pezza’s poo on a plate,” one fan wrote.

Meanwhile, others took to Reddit to say that the “stick should be censored on national TV”.

“That is an actual turd. Pezza is literally polishing a turd,” another wrote.

Pezza’s “turd”. Ten.

“I know I was eating my dinner,” someone replied. “Looked up, saw that and nearly choked.”

A fourth said: “His other elements look rather good and then there is literally little dog turd.”

Despite the poopy presentation, Pezza managed to pass the pressure test, saving himself from being dumped from the competition.

Pardon the pun!

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