MAFS’ Timothy addresses rumours he’s feuding with Lucinda after unfollowing each other

"There are only really three or four people that know..."

Married at First Sight Australia 2024‘s Timothy Smith has addressed rumours he’s feuding with Lucinda Light.

ICYMI: viewers became suss that the couple their co-stars and fans dubbed “Mum and Dad” were on the outs after noticing they’d recently unfollowed each other on Instagram.

They also appear to be untagged in photos on each other’s accounts, which indicates that they may have blocked one another.

Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light. Nine.

Some unnamed MAFS participants also dished to Yahoo Lifestyle that there may be some “resentment towards Lucinda” as she’s raking in the post-show opportunities.

One even suggested that Timothy and Lucinda’s friendship crashed and burned because the TV bride is now “too busy” to nurture the relationship.


What had Timothy Smith said about the rumours?

The supposed beef seemingly kicked off after Timothy shared a TikTok in early June, in which he urged people to “get rid” of those who “don’t respect your time”.

Timothy. Nine.

The 51-year-old has since uploaded a follow-up on June 15 to “clear up a few questions”.

“If it doesn’t let me know but you know you’re not gonna get anything,” the caption read.

In the video, Timothy said the “cutting people off” sentiment was referring to business dealings rather than romantic pursuits.

He also rubbished reports that he’s harbouring “jealousy” in regards to Lucinda‘s career, describing the claims as “all off the mark”.

@timsmith070 Okay, I hope this clears up a few questions if it doesn’t let me know but you know that you’re not gonna get everything. Enjoy the sun everybody and have a great day#life #struggle #chalangeyourself #mensmentalhealth #live #lost #challenge #changing #australia #bigdreams #changing ♬ original sound – Tim Smith

“I will keep why [we unfollowed each other] private,” he declared. “There are only really three or four people that know.

“I wish Lu all the best in the future. There is no question. “Sometimes people’s paths take different directions.”

The TV groom concluded the TikTok by reflecting on his MAFS experience with Lucinda.

“We filmed a TV show… It was a lot of fun… That’s where I’m going to leave it”.


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