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“Pretty colourful relationship background”: MAFS’ Lucinda Light opens up about her sexuality

"I'm such a lover, I love being in love"

MAFS 2024 bride Lucinda Light has elicited strong reactions from viewers, with many fans loving her open and honest nature.

On that note, she’s opened up to Nine Entertainment about her sexuality.

“I’ve had a pretty colourful relationship background,” she told the publication.

“I’ve had eight relationships, I’ve been a serial monogamer, I suppose you could say. I’ve dated a woman, I’ve given [polyamorous relationships] a go – I’ve tried it all.”

While Lucinda didn’t reveal who the relationships were with, she said she’s excited about the potential of finding “the one” on MAFS 2024.

“I’m such a lover, I love being in love. But I am really ready for my person now, and I entered the experiment ready to share my world.”

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Lucinda reveals how she came to be on MAFS

The wedding celebrant told Nine Entertainment that it was a MAFS commercial that prompted her to sign up for the experiment.

“I’ve been living in a place with a pretty small population pool, and when this flashed before my screen it was just a giant yes. I thought, ‘Why not?'” she beamed.

As well as officiating weddings, Lucinda works as an MC and runs a speed dating company.

“I’m a modern-day cupid, and I absolutely love helping people find love,” she said.

“There’s a couple of speed dating babies coming up, there’s been relationships that are still going strong.

“It’s just great to bring people together and give them the opportunity to have a blast and expand their social network.”

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Lucinda’s still gleeful about her rainy wedding day

While most brides would be devastated if a sudden downpour broke out on their wedding day, Lucinda was delighted and that sentiment hasn’t changed.

“It was actually outrageous, torrential downpour for around 20 minutes. We all just had to make haste for the car, and it was wild!” she laughed. “I thought it was one of the most ecstatic days.”

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The newlywed added that she’s very happy that the experts paired her up with Timothy.

“I was beyond pumped at the spunk they bestowed upon me. Hubba hubba, I couldn’t have been happier.

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