MAFS faves Timothy and Lucinda have fans concerned after shock social media move

"Don’t let anyone waste one minute of your life."

Married at First Sight Australia fans are concerned about 2024 duo Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light‘s friendship after noticing something suss on Instagram.

While their romantic relationship turned to dust during the 11th season of the marriage experiment, Timothy and Lucinda left the show the best of friends.

Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light. Nine.

Viewers loved following along on social media as their platonic relationship evolved post-filming. However, they’ve since clocked onto the fact that the pair no longer follow each other on Instagram.

But wait! There’s more: Timothy and Lucinda also appear to be untagged in photos on each other’s account, which indicates that they may have blocked one another.

Married at First Sight‘s Timothy Smith’s pointed TikTok

While neither Lucinda nor Timothy has addressed the unprecedented social media change, Yahoo Lifestyle reported that it follows the TV groom sharing a pointed TikTok on June 9.

“As I went about my day yesterday, it made me think about time and how valuable time is,” he said. “If people don’t respect your time — and respect is a big word — if they don’t appreciate or respect the time that you give people, cut them out.

“Get rid of them.”

The 51-year-old added that “time is the most valuable commodity”.

@timsmith070 Look people, just a bit of a Sunday morning thought I hope everyone’s having a great long weekend and if you’re not tomorrow will be better. Don’t be afraid to just take a day or two out it’s okay#life #mensmentalhealth #struggle #australia #chalangeyourself #challenge ♬ You Are the Reason (Cover) – Joe Tamaela

“We give it out so flippantly for free, and if you don’t respect it and appreciate it, then get rid of them,” he continued.

“Don’t let anyone waste one minute of your life and time because if they don’t respect it, they don’t deserve to have it.”

The outlet also pointed out that Lucinda unfollowed her former TV flame on June 10, as per analytics site SocialBlade, which showed her account unfollowed 24 people that day.

MAFS 2024 participants weigh in on Lucinda and Timothy’s friendship

One of the duo’s MAFS 2024 castmates told Yahoo Lifestyle that they were just a shocked as fans to learn Lucinda and Timothy no longer follow each other.

They suspected that the tension is only recent, and may be due to Lucinda being “too busy” to nurture the friendship as she once did.

Another MAFS star said “there’s a lot of resentment towards Lucinda because she’s getting the most work and opportunities” post-show.

Lucinda. Nine.

However, they didn’t think Tim would be “jealous” of her blossoming career like some of the other participants.

It comes after Lucinda announced her second speaking tour across the UK, which will take place in October and November.

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