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“I got a one word answer”: MAFS’ Natalie reached out to Collins and his response was awkies


Collins Christian and Natalie Parham may be out of the MAFS experiment, but their story isn’t over just yet! Natalie has revealed that she reached out to him while the show was airing and his response wasn’t exactly encouraging.

In an interview with Hit Network’s The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G, the former Married At First Sight bride said she sent a message of support to Collins after negative articles about him started circulating in the press.

“I did reach out to him to see how he was going and to see how he responded to the (media) articles coming out And I got a one word answer.”

“I put the ball in his court, and he never took a bat,” she added.

Fortunately for us, Natalie went into detail about what Collins’ reply was, and it was unsurprisingly on brand for him.

“I just got the word ‘Cheers!’ in response,” he said.

Collins was standoffish with his wife on the honeymoon, and despite her honest intentions of looking for love, Collins’ follow-up actions came off as less than convincing. The relationship between the pair drew criticisms from fans, with many believing that he was simply on the show for clout.

After the first commitment ceremony, Natalie packed up her bags and decided to leave (although conflicting reports say that Collins was removed), and she says she stands by her decision.

“He might be bitter about it, he might hold resentment to me, towards me, (if) that’s how he chooses to respond to the situation, that is not a person I want to be married to.”

Will Collins be at the reunion?

Going by what Natalie said in the interview, it looks as though viewers will be seeing Collins at the reunion.

“I’m going into the reunion with a mindset of, ‘I’m going to treat him how I felt I wanted to be treated at that first dinner party.’” 

“I wanted someone to be there, to welcome me, to make me feel included in the group so when he walks in those doors at the reunion, I’m going to welcome him with open arms to show there’s no hatchet, there’s no battlegrounds, there’s no hate, there’s no animosity from me and hopefully he reciprocates.”

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