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Big Brother 2023 has a new time slot, here’s how to make sure you don’t miss out on all the drama


Big Brother Australia 2023 has been pushed into a later time slot after the first few episodes received a low number of viewers.

The reality TV show has been moved from the in-demand spot of 7:30 pm Monday to Thursdays, into the later timeslot of 8:30 pm on the same days.

The show’s premiere received just 274,000 metro viewers (rising to 500,000 in Total TV), with the second ep racking up 213,000 (394,000 in Total TV). The figures are the lowest ever for the Big Brother Australia franchise.

Big Brother. Seven.

When is Big Brother on?

Big Brother Australia 2023 will continue to run in the 7:30 pm time slot this week but will move to 8:30 pm from Monday, November 13. It will still air Mon-Thursday.

Viewers can also watch Big Brother Australia on 9Now, with new episodes released when they drop on TV.

How is the new season of Big Brother different?

Every housemate on Big Brother Australia 2023 is single, aged between 20 and 34 and, well, hot. The season has been dubbed the ‘House of Love’, and after even just a few episodes, there are multiple romantic relationships beginning to form.

In the past, Big Brother focussed on more niche and quirky characters and the dynamics between the contrasting housemates. Almost every season had a focus on strategy, with housemates trying to schmooze and manipulate their way to the final.

Big Brother. Seven.

Will this season be strategic?

While some fans are worried that the housemates will be too focused on relationships to strategise inside the house, evicted housemate Quan doesn’t feel the same way.

“Who’s to say that a younger generation isn’t as smart and isn’t as master mindful and able to play the game?

So who does Quan consider the undercover mastermind in the house?

“It’s always the quieter ones, isn’t it? My time in the house was only three days, but certainly for me, based on what I’ve seen, it would be Louie.”

Big Brother Australia airs Monday to Thursday at 8:30 pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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