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The reason that Lucinda and Timothy’s full “Bullshit Investigators” letter wasn’t shown on MAFS

A wedding in Spain?!

The Married At First Sight “Bullshit Investigators” letter from Lucinda and Timothy to Tori and Jack was one of the most iconic MAFS moments ever, so why wasn’t the whole thing shown?

The letter covered several points about Jack and Tori’s relationship, but Tori only read out two of the bullet points and half of a third.

In the first Tori covered the topic about her and Jack not having had sex yet.

“You two are both sexual people, why haven’t you had sex? The pressure of the experiment is not an excuse,” Tori began.

Tori and Jack letter
Tori and Jack reading the letter on MAFS. Nine.

Then she skipped to a lower point and left out some crucial information.

“The girl in the article: Jack, you have openly said that she is batshit crazy, that you have blocked her from everything,” Tori said.

Lastly, Tori read out the task that Lucinda and Timothy had set for them.

“Our task for you both this week is to invite the girl from the article and do a three-way conversation between her Jack and Tori and come clean on what you have been dragging her through without her knowing it.”

Lucinda and Timothy writing the MAFS letter
Lucinda and Timothy writing the letter. Nine.

What parts of the letter weren’t shown on TV?

There was a fair bit left out of the letter, and we have a theory as to why it wasn’t aired, but more on that later.

The episode completely omitted the second point, which was about Tori and Jack’s reaction at the most recent Commitment Ceremony, and implied that the pair weren’t being truthful during their couch session.

“Why was it that at the Commitment Ceremony, you were both lounging on each other on the couch and then as soon as you got up in front of the experts, you were acting as if there was a problem. The minute you were off the couch you were back in the same position?” The point read.

Secondly, according to the letter, Tori has been speaking about getting married (for real) to Jack in Spain, which is !?! in itself.

“Why is it that Tori speaks of you two getting married in Spain after this experiment and Jack knows nothing about the wedding in Spain? Get your stories together.”

Thirdly, half of the information about Jack’s ex was left out, while Tori did read out the part about Jack saying his ex is “batshit crazy”, the letter actually said Jack has allegedly been showing “naked photos of her without her permission.”

The MAFS letter from Lucinda and Timothy
The letter. Nine.

Why weren’t these points from the letter shown on TV?

Of course, with a reality TV show like MAFS, there’s always an issue of time, and only so much can fit into one episode.

However, with a letter as juicy as the one written by Lucinda and Timothy AKA the “Bullshit Dectors”, surely it would have been possible to cut out some of the fluff from the other couples?

This leads us to believe that multiple points of the letter weren’t shown on TV because they’ve already been edited out of previous episodes, so addressing them would leave viewers confused.

For example, there’s never been a single mention of Tori and Jack getting married in Spain, which could be a whole spin-off on its own.

Tori and Jack’s MAFS wedding. Nine.

Even more compellingly, Sara recently implied that Jack did allegedly show castmates naked pictures of his ex, but it was edited out. It’s important to note that NSW has a strict revenge porn laws, which is defined as “the recording and distributing of intimate images of a person without consent”.

Earlier this month, both Sara and Jack appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show, and Jack was asked about the alleged unaired scene by co-host Jackie O after So Dramatic! reported on it.

“Is it true that you were showing cast members nude pics of your ex?” She questioned.

Jack mumbled a response before Sara jumped in. “He’s lucky that we left on the chopping block because if that was on television then pretty sure people would have a very strong opinion of that,” she said.

Rather than denying the claim, Jack vaguely said: “There’s a lot that has been left out, and there was a lot of TV that was made.”

Sara and a Dinner Party. Nine.

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