Timothy and Lucinda's letter to Jack and Tori on MAFS
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We know what’s in MAFS’ Lucinda and Timothy’s “bulls**t” letter and you won’t believe the task

Holy moly, they did not hold back!

It’s no secret that Timothy and Lucinda don’t exactly get along with Tori and Jack, so you can imagine the couple’s delight when they were tasked with setting Tori and Jack a challenge on Married At First Sight.

As we’ve seen in the MAFS preview, Timothy and Lucinda type up a “Bulls**t Detector” which Tori and Jack don’t take too kindly in.

And, once you see what Timothy and Lucinda bravely included in the letter, you probably won’t be too surprised about Tori and Jack’s reaction!

Timothy and Lucinda delivering the letter on MAFS. Nine.

What did the letter say?

The preview shows a hilarious montage of Timothy and Lucinda stealthily delivering the letter under their arch-nemises’ door.

So what did the letter say?

“This is the BULLS**T INVESTIGATORS and we’re calling BULLS**T on you two!” It began.

“You two are both sexual people, why haven’t you had sex? The pressure of the experiment is not an excuse. Every week you say you’re building? To what?” The first point asked.

“Why was it that at the Commitment Ceremony, you were both lounging on each other on the couch and then as soon as you got up in front of the experts, you were acting as if there was a problem. The minute you were off the couch you were back in the same position?”

MAFS letter
The letter. Nine.

Lucinda and Timothy then refer to Jack’s ex-girlfriend, who he previously admitted to dating while auditioning for MAFS.

“The girl in the article: Jack, you have openly said that she is batshit crazy, that you have blocked her from everywhere, yet you show naked photos of her without her permission,” it said.

“Why is it that Tori speaks of you two getting married in Spain after this experiment and Jack knows nothing about the wedding in Spain? Get your stories together.”

Tori reading the letter. Nine.

What task did Lucinda and Timothy set for Tori and Jack?

Timothy and Lucinda were asked to think of a task for Tori and Jack that would help to strengthen their relationship.

This is where things got especially dirty… Timothy and Lucinda told the couple to invite Jack’s ex-girlfriend over for an open conversation.

“Our task for you both this week is to invite the girl from the article and do a three-way conversation between her Jack and Tori and come clean on what you have been dragging her through without her knowing it.”

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