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The sad reason why Lauren will be missing this week’s MAFS Dinner Party and Commitment Ceremony

It won't be the same without her!

It’s plainly obvious that Lauren Dunn brings a whole lot of energy to Married At First Sight, but, unfortunately, she won’t be at this week’s Dinner Party and Commitment Ceremony.

Daily Mail Australia has reported that the popular bride will be forced to fly home to Perth for emergency surgery, which means she’ll be taking a break from MAFS.

“I actually woke up on the weekend before and my arm was like completely purple, really swollen. I had to fly back to Perth, so I could have keyhole surgery to remove a clot and missed out on a week of filming,” Lauren told the publication.

Will Jonathan leave the experiment too?

Although they’ve had their ups and downs, Jonathan McCullough and Lauren’s relationship has been going relatively well in recent weeks.

So well, in fact, that Jonathan took a break from filming and actually flew over to Western Australia to see Lauren while she was in hospital.

“Jono flew to Perth the following days, which was great… I was so happy to have him in Perth and he gets to stay at my house and get to know me and my environment a bit better,” she said.

Lauren and Jonathan at MAFS Dinner Party
Lauren and Jonathan at a previous MAFS Dinner Party. Nine.

Will Lauren return to MAFS?

Lauren fans fret not, because the fan-favourite returns to the experiment after surgery, which actually took place when the show was being filmed last year.

“There was no show without her,” a production source told the publication. “Everything was sort of on hold until she got back.”

Although Jonathan flew over to Perth to see Lauren, he still managed to make the Dinner Party.

“I was fully coaching him about walking into that dinner party alone… I’m like, ‘Okay, this is what you need to do,'” Lauren laughed.

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