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“He doesn’t realise it’s not 1950 anymore”: MAFS’ Lauren and Jono dish their thoughts on Jack

Plus, they get stuck into Collins

MAFS newlyweds Lauren and Jono have spoken out about Jack’s treatment of his onscreen wife Tori, saying that it’s very dated.

During a recent episode of Married At First Sight, one of the cast members discovered an article about Jack, which claimed that he lied to his ex about going overseas to work, and actually went on MAFS instead.

The article was circulated around the group prior to the first dinner party, and Jayden eventually confronted him about it at the table. Throughout it all, Jack’s MAFS partner Tori stood by his side and backed him, and told the group that she was very happy with Jack.

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Despite what Tori said, MAFS couple Jono and Lauren aren’t convinced.

“Jack seems to have a good hold on her [Tori] and maybe she’s kind of – loyally backing her man regardless of what logic would suggest,” Lauren told the Hit Network’s The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G.

Jonathan added: “He seemed to know something was going to go wrong but then say, ‘No no no, it didn’t actually happen,” but he knew it was coming? Yeah, you’ll see a bit of odd behaviour.”

“His language around women is really weird, he doesn’t realise it’s not 1950 anymore and you can’t sort your Mrs out or you know, the alpha and, ‘I’m a provider, a protector, a leader,’ the language he uses just isn’t very common is day-to-day life in 2023.”

Lauren and Jono think Collins is an actor

During the spicy episode, Natalie decided to exit the experiment because she felt that her partner Collins wasn’t interested in her.

MAFS. Nine.

After the pair told the group they’d be leaving, Collins delivered a bizarre speech about how devastated he was to be leaving MAFS so early.

However, Lauren and Jonathan agreed with the radio hosts that Collins was an actor who was placed on the show.

 “It was embarrassing, we [the participants] were all dying,” Lauren said of the speech. “He loves a long dramatic speech.”

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