Collins and Natalie on MAFS

Destined for fame? Here’s proof that Collins has tried to get on MAFS before

Hmmm... is someone fame hungry?

Old footage of a previous audition Collins Christian has done for Married At First Sight Australia begs the question of whether he’s entered MAFS 2024 for the right reasons.

Yep, this year ain’t Collin’s first time trying to get onto the show which… isn’t exactly surprising.

Back in April 2023, Australian TV icon Margaret Pomeranz did a hilarious recap of MAFS Australia for ABC. And, guess who was in the clip doing an audition with Relationship Expert John Aiken? None other than Collins Christian himself.

See said screenshot below:

Watch the full clip:

Considering that the clip was shared right around the time that last year’s season of MAFS wrapped, it looks as though Collins was shooting at his shot at getting on season nine.

MAFS 2024 isn’t even Collins’ first time on TV

Welp, it looks as though Collins has been gunning for a spot on the small screen for a while now. A quick scroll through his Instagram account uncovers a commercial starring the executive assistant (slash actor).

“Watching the World Cup and seeing your own mug on National TV for the 1st time….strange but also kinda cool!! Stoked to be casted as….Raja,” He captioned a video of him starring in a hair loss commercial for Ashely and Martin.

Who is Collins married to on MAFS?

Collins is partnered up with physiotherapist Natalie Parham. While their wedding day went relatively smoothly, their relationship since hasn’t been exactly blissful.

Collins and Natalie on MAFS
Collins and Natalie. MAFS. Nine.

Collins and Natalie have struggled to connect, on the first night of their honeymoon they slept in separate beds. Ahead of their honeymoon, Natalie got very emotional while she was packing for Broome, and said she needed “a couple of minutes to compose herself.”

The quick demise of their relationship could be partially attributed to the fact that Collins has never been in a relationship before.

“The challenge for Collins in this experiment will be to drop the mask, be honest and find comfort in the uncomfortable,” John Aiken said.

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