Lauren and Jonathan at MAFS Dinner Party
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MAFS 2024: Are Lauren and Jonathan still together?

Lauren's made a statement!

MAFS’ Jonathan and Lauren appear to be the yin to each other’s yang, while their personalities are very different, they don’t have any trouble having a laugh together.

But, will their contrasting personality traits complement each other, or will they discover that they’re too dissimilar?

Find out if Lauren and Jonathan are still together.

Lauren and Jonathan at a MAFS Dinner Party. Nine.

Lauren and Jonathan’s pairing

Lauren is the definition of high-energy, why Jonathan is a lot more relaxed. However, both Jonathan and Lauren were looking for someone opposite, making them a great match.

While Lauren was hoping for someone to balance her out, she also wanted a partner who “can match her level of sarcasm, wit and banter”.

Jonathan “credits his singledom at almost 40 to being with amazing women who he should have married in his 20s, and poor choices in his 30s.”

He was looking for someone to start a family with in the near future, and wanted someone as “equally motivated and put together as he is.”

Lauren and Jonathan at a MAFS Commitment Ceremony. Nine.

Are Lauren and Jonathan are still together?

It’s safe to say that Lauren and Jonathan are absolutely not together!

The show’s worst-kept secret involves Jonathan and another MAFS bride. Photos leaked online of him at Ellie’s Christmas party, and another set of paparazzi photos published by Daily Mail Australia showed the mismatched couple making out on a Sydney beach.

Meanwhile, Lauren all but confirmed the break up over on a Perth beach. Lauren was pictured at Cottesloe Beach in Perth sans wedding ring – which is hardly surprising given Ellie and Jonathan’s romance.

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