Alex Harper on Selling The OC

Alex Harper from Nashville’s surprising (and long-standing) connection to Selling The OC season 2

Is this why the Oppenheim Group hired her with no experience?

In the midst of the glorious mess of dramas, catfights and make-out sessions that made up Selling The OC season 2, we met Alex Harper from Nashville.

Harper – known on the show as Ali – was somewhat of a random addition. There were already a tonne of strong personalities amongst the agents, and Ali didn’t even live in California, let alone have a real estate license.

These factors left fans confused as to why a real estate agency as elite as The Oppenheim Group would randomly decide to hire her.

Well, as most things work in the entertainment industry, Ali’s hire seems to be a case of who you know, not what you know.

Selling The OC. Netflix.

What is Ali’s connection to Selling The OC?

While Ali may be a newbie when it comes to selling real estate, it’s not her first rodeo on reality TV.

Back in 2018, the thirty-year-old Nashville native starred in a show called Music City, which followed a group of aspiring young entertainers” who “pursue the ultimate superstardom in Nashville as they balance their career ambitions with love, everyday life and the connections they make along the way.” 

Ali on Music City. CMT.

The Executive Producer of Music City was Adam Divello. Yes, the same Adam Divello who was behind The Hills and The City, and yep, you guessed it, Selling The OC.

Was Ali a plant to promote another Netflix TV show?

While there’s no debating the fact that Ali worked with Divello in the past, there’s another unconfirmed yet highly believable theory floating around the interwebs.

Some savvy Redditors believe that Ali was a production plant to promote a new Netflix show called Selling Nashville.

Selling The OC. Netflix.

The idea isn’t too out of left field. After all, we already have Selling Sunset, Selling The OC and Selling Tampa. And, there’s no debating that Nashville is one of the most up-and-coming cities in America with a whole lot of beautiful real estate.

Plus, Ali’s mum did mention that the property market is currently booming in the Tennessee capital. Food for thought…

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