Million Dollar Island Australia

Million Dollar Island recap episode 10: 15 thoughts I had watching the contestants in finals week

We're at the pointy end!

It’s Million Dollar Island Australia 2023 episode 10 and we’re down to just 24 contenders.

With the million-dollar jackpot on the line, it’s Finals Week, and sole Rock Camp camp survivor Tess now holds the reins and gets to choose who is tossed into the battleground. Meanwhile, Vine Camp clings to its supplies while Log Camp (once again) spends the majority of the episode complaining about their lack of food.

Here are 15 thoughts I had while watching episode 10 of Million Dollar Island Australia 2023.

1. Brett is suss that Alex from Top Camp has been taking food over to competitor’s Log Camp. Why… would she do that?

2. Tess is nominating this week and I’m wondering if she’s forgiven Brett or if she’s still planning on vindicating her fallen camp by taking him down?

3. Tess offers to keep Log Camp safe in exchange for some of their food. However, Log Camp wants to go in the elimination. So, instead of having a poker face and keeping their own food and consequently being nominated, Log Camp offers food in exchange for nomination. Make it make sense?

4. Noms are done and I guess Brett’s been forgiven by Tess. How does this man keep slipping through?

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

The Eliminaiton Challenge

5. This challenge is like real-life gladiators and I’m here for it.

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

6. Liam Hemsworth’s twin, AKA Jordan, takes out the very physical challenge, despite saying that he barely had enough energy to make it to the bathroom earlier that day.

7. How juicy, we have a traitor in our midst. Alex is feeding info from Top Camp to Vine Camp before the Survival challenge.

8. Apparently, Top Camp has been stealing Vine Camp’s food and Chloe is not stoked about it.

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

9. Why isn’t Brett piping up about the food-stealing-gate? Very unlike him. I guess he’s… busy.

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

Survival Challenge

10. It’s a cooking challenge and one of the contestants (Alex) is a chef. Sounds a little rigged, no?

11. I feel like I’m watching an outback special of MasterChef.

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

12. The Survival Challenge is being judged by challenge winner Jordan, who we all know is very hungry. Could this mean that Jack is in with a fighting chance because his meal is the biggest?

13. Wrong on both accounts, Cheffy a.k.a Alex and Jack are out and Chloe is the winner of the Survival Challenge.


14. Brett just possibly delivered one of the most iconic lines of the entire season. “I think Log Camp just needs to have a little teaspoon of cement and harden up,” he said, given their constant whining over food.

15. Two people leave and Alice is saved. How anti-climactic.

Million Dollar Island Australia continues on July 11 at 7.30pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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