Rhys and Liam are the winners of Dream Home Australia 2024


Australia’s feel-good series Dream Home Australia has come to a close for 2024, and Rhys and Liam were crowned the winners during the finale.

It wasn’t just the usual suspects, Lana TaylorSimon Cohen and Rosie Morley who scored the contestants. The three couples who didn’t make the finals, Hannah and Jonny, Brad and Mel and Jacinta and Jordan were additional judges.

And, between the judges’ and contestants’ scores, it was decided that Rhys and Liam’s backyard was the best of the bunch.

Rhys and Liam

Liam and Rhys on Dream Home
Dream Home’s Liam and Rhys. Image: Seven.

The brothers spent five months renovating their castmate’s houses, and walked away with not only a fully renovated house themselves but a $100,000 cash prize, too.

Rhys left his partner and his one-week-old newborn to join the show and help his brother Liam achieve his goal of having his dream home.

“For me, it’s been a massive sacrifice to be here, I left Bowie at seven days old. It was pretty hard. I watched him grow over the phone. Winning $100,000 would honestly change my life,” he said in the lead-up to the finale.

“Walking away without winning this week would be heartbreaking,” he added.

Rhys on Dream Home without brother Liam
Rhys and his son Bowie. Image: Seven.

Luckily for him, it wasn’t for nothing!

“I felt like I’d stepped into a complete oasis,” Lana told the brothers of their backyard. “You absolutely created a tropical dream out there, perfect for the Queensland setting.”


  • The contestants: 9.5
  • Lana: 9
  • Rosie: 9.5
  • Simon: 9.5

Total: 37.5

Lara and Peter

Lara and Peter on Dream Home

Lana said that when she first walked into the back yard she “was blown away” and Simon added that he was “punched in the face”… in a good way.

But all three judges agreed that they couldn’t overlook the pool pump that was on display, as well as the lack of grass, and wasted areas.


  • The contestants: 9.5
  • Lana: 9.5
  • Rosie: 9
  • Simon: 9

Total: 37 out of 40

Taeler and Elle

There are only two teams among the bunch that aren’t couples; the sisters and Rhys and Liam.

Because of the time and effort Taeler dedicated to helping Elle, they’d been striving to win Dream Home so that Taeler could take home the $100,00 prize money.

“I’ve been saving for my dream home my whole life. It [would] make me one step closer to having my own dream home and it would be the biggest goal of my life to be able to build that,” Taeler told host Dr Chris Brown ahead of the judge’s feedback.

But, it wasn’t to be. Rosie said that their backyard had the “wow” factor but she wasn’t a fan of their creek water feature.

Meanwhile, Lana said she “loved their depths” but she wasn’t a fan of the dark fence surrounding the jacuzzi.

Simon added that “the creek was by far the biggest mistake” the sisters could have made.


  • The contestants: 8
  • Lana: 8
  • Rosie: 7.5
  • Simon: 7.5

Total: 31 out of 40

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