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“People might judge us”: The beautiful reason Hannah and Jonny left their twins for Dream Home

"Benefit definitely outweighs the sacrifice"

Dream Home’s Hannah and Jonny are parents to beautiful 10-month-old twins Goldie and Theodore. Of course, taking part in a reality show means time away from their babies, but the couple revealed that the twins played a huge part in why they decided to go on the TV show.

During an interview with Chattr ahead of the premiere, Jonny said that while people may question their decision to leave their twins, they made the sacrifice for their kid’s benefit.

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Hannah and Jonny. Seven.

“We sacrificed not seeing our twins for a few months, which people might judge us on,” Jonny said.

Hannah explained that taking part in the show meant that they would leave with a completely renovated house, which the twins would enjoy for decades to come.

“The thing we reminded ourselves of every day that we’re on the show was, we are doing something in a short amount of time, that would have taken 20 years for us to do ourselves.

“Let’s be honest, it’s six months,” she added. “They’re not gonna remember the time we were away, but they will remember the house that they grew up in, and they can have their friends come over too, and we’ve got room to grow. So the benefit definitely outweighs the sacrifice.”

The milestones Jonny and Hannah missed while they were filming Dream Home

The couple stressed how hard it was being away from their babies, but Hannah explained that while on the show she would try and “compartmentalize” in order to deal with missing them.

“I had to just accept that they’re with their grandmothers, they’re loved, they’re fed, they’re cared for, and that they’re that I’m gonna miss them more than they’re missing me. That’s literally the only way you can get through every day,” she said.

Jonny added that he struggled with missing his daughter Goldie’s first steps.

“The hardest point for me was at the end, it was literally the day that Goldie took her first steps that it really kicked in how much I had missed,” he said.

However, he added that pre-renovation, the house was a challenge to live in.

“We literally bought the worst house in the best area that we could afford,” he explained. But post renovation, will their house be the best in the suburb –or even – the competition?

Dream Home premieres at  7.00pm on Sunday, 26 May on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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