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Interview: Big Brother 2023 winners Tay and Ari reveal exciting plans for their $100k prize money

Plus, they reveal if they're single!

Tay and Ari Wilcoxson made history on Big Brother Australia 2023 as the first-ever joint winners of the series.

The sisters played as a team and beat out power couple Minee Marx and Loui Phillips in a public vote and took home the $100,000 prize money.

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In an interview with Chattr, the loveable sisters revealed what they plan to do with their winnings.

“What we want to do with the money is travel,” Tay said. “Japan is first on our list, we want to hit the slopes and go snowboarding, so that’s definitely at the top of our bucket list.”

Tay and Ari have over 680,000 followers on their joint TikTok account and want to filter some of their prize money into creating more content on the platform.

“We want to keep creating experiences and really cool content and our fan base.”

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The sisters believe playing together was an advantage

Tay and Ari were the only contestants on Big Brother Australia 2023 to play as a team, and they believe it worked in their favour.

Tay said they were both approached about being on the show but only found out the day before entering the house that they’d be playing as a team.

“At the time, we were like, ‘No! It’s a disadvantage, people are going to see us as a threat’ even though it’s only one player. But, I think it ended up being an advantage,” Tay said.

“I think it was an advantage towards the middle and the end because we’re two different people,” Ari added. “We are sisters and we do think the same but we have two different personalities.

“I think we just reached out to everyone, Tay had friends that I didn’t have and it created different connections.”

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The sisters are gearing up for a big weekend of celebrations

Tay and Ari are still in shock that they won Big Brother, and have a wild weekend planned with some of the other housemates to celebrate.

“It hasn’t kicked in for us yet, even now we’re we can’t believe we won! that’s hectic!” Tay said, and Ari added: “We’re very grateful for everyone who voted.”

“We’re definitely going to send it this weekend!” Tay said.

“We’re catching up with a few of the housemates so that will be awesome,” Ari added.

They’ll be joined at the celebrations by their showmance partners Josh and TJ. However, both of the sisters have since split from their exes.

“We’re both single and ready to mingle!” They laughed together.

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