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Interview: Big Brother’s Josh reveals if he and Tay are still together

The season was filmed a year ago...

Josh Everett and Tay Wilcoxson were undoubtedly the strongest couple on the newly reimagined Big Brother: House of Love Australia, but did their romance translate to the outside world?

In a post-elimination interview with Chattr, Josh revealed that while he and Tay tried to keep their romance alive outside the BB house, it didn’t last and they’re no longer together.

“We never made it official [in the house],” he explained. “We saw each other for four months after the house.”

Big Brother. Seven.

The model explained that prior to the show he’d recently moved from Perth to Sydney. He said that the change of pace paired with a reality TV stint and a budding new relationship was a lot to take on, and it eventually led to the breakdown of him and Tay.

“She lives in the Gold Coast and I live in Sydney. I was in Sydney for about a month before I went in the house. When we were seeing each other after the house, it was like this country boy moving into a hectic city. There was just so much to take on. I just needed to settle in.

“I travel all the time for work, we just never got the chance to see each other.”

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Josh and Tay are still on good terms

Despite no longer being together, Josh said that he and Tay don’t have any bad blood.

“We still get along like two peas in a pod,” he said.

The 28-year-old said that he’s flying to Queensland and has plans to catch up with sites Tay and Ari while he’s there.

“I’m actually flying to Gold Coast this weekend to catch up with TJ, and I’m catching up with the girls as well. We’re just going to go and have dinner and I’ll see how they are. I still love both the sisters.”

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Does Josh want Tay and Ari to win Big Brother?

Sisters Tay and Ari played the game as a team and the girls were one of Josh’s strongest alliances throughout the season.

Big Brother 2023 was filmed a year ago,s o Josh and Tay have been broken up for about eight months, however, they’re still in Josh’s top two picks to win the show.

“I’d want I want Loui or the sisters to win,” he said.

“Loui is one of my best friends now and I’m not seeing Tay anymore. So, I’ll go Loui first and then Ari and Tay in a straightaway second.”

Big Brother. Seven.

Big Brother Australia airs Monday to Thursday at 8:30 pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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