Tori and Jack MAFS

Tori and Jack were the most controversial MAFS 2024 couple, so are they still together?

Was it all for show?

The Married at First Sight experts have done it again, matching possibly the most toxic couple since Harrison Boon and Bronte SchofieldJack Dunkley and Tori Adams.

So with such a problematic pairing, are they still together?

Jack and Tori’s pairing

Jack, 34, a personal trainer from the Gold Coast, is a self-titled “alpha”, who likes to “control the situation”, hoping to be paired with someone who “challenges” him.

Lucky for him (or unlucky it may seem), John Aiken, Alessandra Rampolla and Mel Schilling chose the strong and independent, Tori, 27, a business development owner from Victoria who was raised by an equally strong and independent single mother!

Jack and Tori, Married at First Sight. Nine
Jack and Tori, Married at First Sight. Nine

With red flags galore, Jack was determined to be the dominant force in the relationship and while Tori

Coupled with the fact that he gives off a certain Harrison 2.0 je ne sais quoi and that he didn’t feel a spark with his new wife, we were sure this relo was destined for the bin!

Jack and Tori are still together

PLOT TWIST! They’re absolutely still together!!

As all of us avid MAFS fans know, Tori and Jack decided to commit to one another at Final Vows and left the ceremony in a relationship.

Since then, Tori’s moved in with Jack on the Gold Coast, which they revealed in an interview with Pedestrian.TV.

Jack and Tori on MAFS. Nine.

“Part of my backstory was the fact that I never told a woman in my life that I’ve loved her apart from my dad and my mother,” he told the publication.

“Tori has moved in with me. We’ve lived together for maybe three to four weeks now and we’re very happy. I’m very much falling in love with her and we’re creating a very nice lifestyle together.

“Our lives are very in sync and we’re living very humbly, happily and I can definitely see love on the cards in the future.”

Prior to Final Vows, Jack and Tori were dropping signs left, right and centre that they’re absolutely, totally, 100% an item.

Most recently, Tori and Jack were spotted out and about in Queensland with a bunch of other former MAFS villains.

The gang was out for Bryce Ruthven’s birthday, who was on MAFS 2021 and married Melissa Rawson, and he shared a photo with Tori and Jack.

Furthermore, Daily Mail Australia published more pics from the day, and Tori and Jack can be seen holding hands and kissing in the photos.

On top of that, Tori took to a private Instagram account on February 14th to share a photo of her holding some flowers, and the note referred to her as “wife”. So, unless Tori got married to a rando between when filming and now, it’s safe to say that the bunch she’s holding is from Jack.

According to the super sleuths at the Daily Mail, the couple celebrated Christmas together with Tori’s family in Melbourne. In fact, before the annual MAFS participant’s Instagram ban, she shared pics of the couple looking loved-up!

The website also reported that despite their doomed exterior, they have been going from “strength to strength!” hopping on a plane to see each other… Which is wild. Crazy. Insane… but also, good for them? We guess…

You can see all of their pics here.

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