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“We’re creating a very nice lifestyle together”: MAFS’ Jack reveals if he’s in love with Tori


It’s been months since filming on Married at First Sight wrapped, and Jack Dunkley has revealed whether he’s said ‘I love you’ to Tori Adams yet.

Tori and Jack faced issue after issue during their time on MAFS but ultimately decided to leave the show in a committed relationship.

“I’d rather jump off the edge and fight for an amazing love-filled future with you than to have never pursued your love at all,” Jack told Tori at Final Vows Part Two.

“Tori, I am absolutely head over heels for you, and I can’t wait to fall in love,” he added.

Tori and Jack at Final Vows. Nine.

Considering that the Final Vows are usually filmed around November/December, Tori and Jack have now been together for 5-6 months, so are they in love?

Jack reveals whether he’s in love with Tori

The Final Vows episodes aired over the Easter 2024 weekend, so the couple are finally officially able to speak about whether they’re still together.

Tori and Jack did a joint interview with Pedestrian.TV, and Jack was hit with the million-dollar question of whether he’s fallen in love with Tori.

Much like his responses on MAFS, Jack danced around the question before admitting that he’s not, in fact, in love with Tori… yet. Ouch.

Tori and Jack on MAFS
Tori and Jack on MAFS. Nine.

“Part of my backstory was the fact that I never told a woman in my life that I’ve loved her apart from my dad and my mother,” he said.

“Tori has moved in with me. We’ve lived together for maybe three to four weeks now and we’re very happy. I’m very much falling in love with her and we’re creating a very nice lifestyle together.

“Our lives are very in sync and we’re living very humbly, happily and I can definitely see love on the cards in the future.”

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